COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform

Full Transparency
With Complete Control

Software Portfolio Management Service

Make Informed Decisions About Your Software Portfolio

The explosion of new technologies in recent years has brought many challenges with it. One of these is the difficulty in maintaining control over your entire software environment – especially as this has implications on various business levels.

Keep Your Software Information Up-To-Date

Are you sure your software information is up-to-date?

We’ll ensure you always know the exact number of software licenses and vendors in use, together with the patch levels and support levels that go with them.

Reduce the Risks for Your IT-Security

How can you reduce IT security risks?

From apps installed to software that’s no longer supported – we can help you assess every aspect of your setup to give you total confidence in your company’s protection levels.

Consolidate Your Software

What’s the best way to consolidate your software?

We’ll ensure you have a simple dashboard that consolidates all your software into one place. This also helps with reducing software-related expenditures and effort.

The Portfolio Management Platform gives you a powerful insight into your software portfolio at any time through intelligent recording and analysis. One single database provides you information on software programs, different application versions, patch levels in use, together with the license types, functions and categories this belongs to. Or in other words, full transparency with complete control.

Transform Your Software Data Into Real Benefits

Reduce Software Costs

Reduce Software Costs

  • Improve purchasing conditions by consolidating software products, versions, vendors, and functions and purchasing with standardized shopping carts
  • Eliminate unnecessary software
  • Quickly analyze your software data yourself before contract negotiations to help with cost reductions
Optimize Environments and Operating Ccosts

Optimize Environment and Operating Costs

  • Reduce unnecessary maintenance and support contracts
  • Use efficient change management with installed software that’s directly allocated to the hardware asset
  • Reduce support and training costs
  • Prevent incidents with a uniform patch level
  • Modify installation routines
Increase Your IT-Security

Increase Your IT-Security 

  • Get an overview of software products that are no longer supported
  • A detailed analysis of the installed patch levels (actual to available comparison)
  • Detect unauthorized software, including unwanted applications that anti-malware systems do not asses as alarming
  • Indicate actual installation types such as «requires license», «free» and «for non-commercial use»
Gain Transparency for the Best Decisions

Gain Transparency for the Best Decisions 

  • Make decisions based on reliable facts
  • Identify and assess potential and risks
  • Establish a good basis for in-depth business cases
  • Create verifiable added value to achieve your personal goals and strengthen your role at the company

How does it work?

Quickly and easily gain control of your software portfolio with the COMPAREX Dashboard

1. Scan Your Software

We automatically scan your installed software using the COMPAREX inventory tool or your existing inventory software.

2. Qualify Your Data

The collected data is then thoroughly qualified using the COMPAREX Profiler service, which covers more than 1,000,000 fingerprints and 14,000 manufacturers.

3. Categorize Your Software

Your software portfolio will be categorized according to versions, functions, languages, license types, or patch levels, providing the perfect foundation to uncover potential enhancements.

Take Your Software Portfolio Further

See how the COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform will change your business.


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