SAM Managed Services

COMPAREX SAM2GO NextGen lets you leverage
SAM data to ensure cost-efficient, compliant
and secure use of software and the cloud.

Optimize Your Business With Software Asset Management

COMPAREX SAM2GO NextGen is a powerful managed service that gives you continuous transparency of your software, cloud services and licenses. Our consultants will work with you to create a tailored solution that meets all your business needs from high automation to a fully compliant and managed software life cycle.

High quality real-time SAM data helps you manage your licenses proactively and ensures compliance.

Detailed software information helps you consolidate and optimize your stock and use all your license use rights.

Highly automated processes and synchronization with your IT systems reduce your operational efforts.

Key Challenges in Software Asset Management

With over 20 years’ experience creating tailored solutions for a diverse range of clients, we truly understand the challenges our customers face.

Audit Preparation

“There is a software audit coming up. How can I be prepared?”


“How do I stay up-to-date on license use rights, virtualization, mobility, and so on?"

Data Quality and Analysis

“How reliable is my data? Does it cover the entire IT infrastructure and cloud solutions? And how can I interpret and analyze the data?”

Change Management

“How are my IT Assets connected and what happens in case of change?”

Lack of Automation

“How can I reduce regular manual work?!”

Cloud and Shadow IT

“How can I monitor Shadow IT?”

Service Editions and Components

Our experts will create a fully tailored solution for your organization

Standard Edition - technical managed SAM platform Advanced Edition – managed software optimization 
  • A dashboard with real-time data for an easy and accurate 360° overview of your infrastructure
  • A single platform synchronized with all of your IT systems for easy IT assets and cloud services management
  • A fully supported and managed SAM platform that reduces your operational efforts
  • Automatic reporting and alerts about any risky software helps to prevent security issues

(incl. all capabilities of Standard)

  • Get regular license compliance reports including advice on how to optimize your software costs
  • Automated integration of license and contract data ensures high-quality SAM data and offers insight about software you have and have not purchased.
  • Gain insight on how to consolidate and optimize your software to reduce costs, optimize operating spend and increase IT security
  • Licensing experts take on all of your license management
  • A Microsoft compliance and true-up/contract renewal service is provided to best prepare you for negotiations

COMPAREX Service Manager: A single point of contact who will guarantee total satisfaction and an outstanding service. We offer one in each service edition.

Optional services: Additional vendors, recurring SAM Services and SAM Professional Services can all be added to your chosen service edition to suit your business needs.

We’re here to support you

Our leading industry experts are ready to create a highly bespoke and effective SAM solution.

A Central Point of Data

Communication is key and the SAM Manager in each organization drives this. Being in the middle allows the SAM Manager to better communicate with IT, Procurement, Security and Finance. SAM data also proves to be very valuable on a strategic level, as it ensures decisions are based on facts and real business requirements.

For Strategists and SAM Managers

  • Real-time data helps you proactively manage and optimize licenses and contracts
  • By integrating SAM services into your IT and procurement processes, you’ll ensure data completeness and reduce manual effort
  • Time-consuming tasks like license registration and the application of use rights are all taken care of, so you can focus on other topics
  • A detailed contract overview keeps you up-to-date on expiring contracts so you can take the right measures at the right time

For Security Officers

  • Unauthorized software reports help you take the right measures and enforce security policies
  • Automated alerts and reports inform you about any security policy violations – avoiding potential risks
  • Automated reports about end-of-support and end-of-life software helps you plan for necessary changes and avoid potential security gaps
  • With a unified view of all assets across the network, it will help you achieve standardization and risk reduction

For IT Managers

  • A single platform that helps you manage users, devices and infrastructure – on-premise and in the cloud
  • Get an overview of outdated software versions and synchronize this data with other IT systems to automatically upgrade or uninstall software
  • A fully supported and maintained SAM platform helps to avoid additional operational effort
  • High automation really reduces manual work needed to collect inventory data, track usage, assign licenses and drives down the risk of errors
  • You’ll reduce support and maintenance costs due to a consolidated software stock subsidized by the SAM platform

For Purchasers and Finance Officers

  • You’ll know what’s installed and what’s needed to plan your budget accurately. This reduces costs by removing needless software.
  • Receive reliable information from the SAM platform to help you prepare for vendor negotiations
  • Consolidating software leads to higher purchasing volumes, allowing you to negotiate better prices for your business.


Our SAM managed service is a highly tailored service that treats every project as unique. With a broad range of optional services and vendor packs to fit your business, we will optimize all your software assets in the most intelligent and cost effective way. We underwent a thorough assessment with Microsoft to ensure that we are the right Azure partner.

Your SAM service will fit your specific business requirements

Use and optimize your software in the most intelligent way

Enjoy a central point of data, a SAM Manager, IT, security, procurement and finance

SAM experts are ready

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