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COMPAREX Managed Services

Managed Services for Your Software Portfolio

Our SAM Managed Services add real business value to your Software Asset Management, helping you govern and manage your IT assets and processes.

With the Software Portfolio Management and Compliance Managed Services, you’ll receive invaluable SAM data to help optimize your licensing and technology setup, reduce compliance risks, and lessen the financial strain by consolidating software.

Refocus the way you work

Managing an IT portfolio is complex and often expensive, putting a great strain on company resources. With COMPAREX Portfolio Management and Compliance Managed Services, you’re able to focus on the important business matters and gain more time for strategic topics.

Microsoft SAM Managed Services Program

Bundled with COMPAREX SAM2GO NextGen, the Microsoft SAM Managed Services Program provided by COMPAREX takes SAM a step further, offering benefits unique to the Microsoft landscape.

SAM Managed Services

Realize Software Asset Management’s full potential. Use SAM data to ensure cost-efficient, compliant and secure use of software and cloud – with COMPAREX SAM2GO NextGen.

Software Portfolio Management Services

Assess your software portfolio and enjoy cost savings. You will reduce both operational and financial risk by refocusing the way you structure the vast array of products and license types in your software portfolio.

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Why choose COMPAREX?

With decades of Software Asset Management experience, our specialists assess your individual IT infrastructure and environment to create highly tailored solutions. 

Added to this, our Software Portfolio Management and Compliance managed services go well beyond just managing licenses. We help you to connect technology with licensing knowledge, people, and processes to optimize all software assets within your organization in the most intelligent way.

Knowledge tailored to your SAM needs

Optimize your IT licensing and assets in the best possible way

Adapt to your fast-changing IT environment

Save money, time, and resources 

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