Compliance Services

Assess the Compliance
of Your Software

Compliance Services

Make Compliance an Effortless Process.

A key aspect of managing software licenses is to ensure your software portfolio is fully compliant. This is not only important because of software audits, but also for security and legal legislation.

How will it help with negotiating the price of software?

With exact knowledge of your licensing models and actual license usage, it will improve your negotiation position for contract and license renewals.

How will the process save your business time?

Comparing the purchase history and license contracts with the results of an inventory tool is a very time consuming task. Our experts support you, save you time and make it an efficient process.

What should you do with complex license models?

Our licensing experts will greatly improve the utilization of your licenses and optimize your contracts, based on their expertise and industry best practice.

What effect will it have on my level of security?

Recognizing software that shouldn’t be installed – Shadow IT – is key to avoid compliance issues, but it also identifies potential security risks in your software environment.

We Guide You Through The Process From Start to Finish

The most effective software audit not only has a hardware and applications inventory, but also creates the correct interpretation of complex license agreements. Our team will guide you through every stage:  

  1. We’ll carry out a software inventory by scanning all your devices for installed software.
  2. Our experts will then examine every proof of license using purchase documents, protocols, agreements and data/licensing media.
  3. We’ll verify the preliminary results with administrators and make potential corrections.
  4. The team will draw up a summary that compares the list of the applications with the licenses.
  5. Upon request, we can further optimize the software portfolio based on the compliance, security and software needs

COMPAREX combines this specialist expertise with a comprehensive knowledge of products, software, conditions and accompanying services. As a result, we’re trusted to cooperate in long-term, close and certified partnerships with renowned manufacturers.

Save Time

Save Time

Software licensing rules are very complex and so compliance reporting is highly time-consuming. We take care of everything for you. 

Avoid Risk

COMPAREX experts will explain where the compliance risks lie, how to avoid them and what the potential future savings could be.

Be Proactive

By using compliance services it can help to mitigate exposure in compliance audits and help to fully understand your current license position.

Our Compliance Service

Depending on your needs, the complete license balance report consists of these assets.

A template for the inventory data that will be installed on all desktops and servers.

A template to combine all licenses carried out on the basis of license documentation you provide.

A combined inventory of all license resources and installed software.

Our specialists are ready to guide you through every aspect of your software audit

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