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Need Help With a Software Audit?

Audits always seem to take place at an inconvenient time and require a lot of attention. Our specialists have a deep knowledge of licensing and extensive audit experience ready to work for you. Expertise that works tirelessly to ensure your organization doesn’t expose itself to excessive fines.

How can you avoid unnecessary fines?

The result of an audit is usually very costly. However, the way they came to that conclusion is often unclear. If we can understand the process, we can properly start negotiations with the vendor. 

Audits demand time that you don’t have.

Comparing the purchase history and obtained license contract with the results of an inventory tool, is a very tedious and time-consuming job. We can help.

Stress-levels are high during an audit.

Being audited is a stressful time. Auditors expect you to have everything available there and then, while the potentially massive financial consequences means you have to direct your full attention to the audit.

Vendor Audit Support that’s by your side from start to finish

Every vendor has different audit policies and every organization has its own distinct situation, which makes every audit different. However, there are a few characteristics that are usually the same. 

  1. Auditors tend to take a ‘worst case scenario’ approach
  2. Auditors exercise tremendous pressure on organizations – with the audit process taking around 2 – 3 months from start to finish.
  3. Most auditors have an in-house inventory tool, which can lead to deductions that don’t entirely match reality

COMPAREX audit support consultants are seasoned pros who know what to expect and how to deal with any challenge. We know what information will be relevant and can advise on where to look for it.

Save money

Taking into account the complex licensing rules and the amount of inventory knowledge that is required to understand audit reports, partnering with an Audit Support consultant will be worth the investment.

Save Time

Save time

Knowing what information to search for and where you could find it is key when going through an audit process. Our support gives you breathing room and the ability to keep an eye on business critical IT operations.

Enjoy peace of mind

Audits cause stress, and stress causes mistakes. Our experienced audit support team knows what to expect and how to deal with it. With a practical plan of action, you can focus on the tasks at hand.

How does our audit support work?

Generally, the audit support process consists of 6 stages:

  1. Everything starts with a preliminary evaluation of possible risks
  2. Then, we offer guidance and peace of mind by acting as the single point of contact for the auditor
  3. Our specialists validate and prepare the audit data for the auditor
  4. Afterwards, we evaluate the audit report together with you
  5. Next, we compare our interpretation with that of the auditor
  6. Upon request, we can utilize the audit data for IT Asset Management optimization (making audit data valuable --> future reference)

Getting audited by a vendor might not always be a bad thing. It could also mean the start of a structured SAM approach. With the guidance of our experts you can setup processes and tools to offer future support, including all additional SAM benefits .

If you’re in urgent need of audit support or you’d like to explore some of the steps to best prepare for a possible audit – we’re ready.

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