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Software Portfolio & Compliance Assessments

Assess Your Specific SAM Needs

Gain control of your infrastructure and software portfolio with a personalized value added assessment using a selection of the options detailed below. Our value added assessments help you take stock of your existing infrastructure, software portfolio and processes, make proposals to improve and suggest ways to optimize.

Let COMPAREX asses your IT environment, discover your individual SAM value and get a clear understanding on how to make improvements.

Breathe easy and receive continual, governance-based licensing, plus ideas on how to optimize your technology.

Gain insight into the relevant steps needed to successfully embed SAM programs into your organization.


Reduce audit risk

Enjoy peace of mind by reducing audit and compliance risks through a detailed analysis report.

Prepare for the future

Based on everything we learn, we present a roadmap to help take SAM to the next level.

Focus on what matters

Reduce your workload by letting us explore your needs leaving you to focus on your day-to-day work.

SAM Managed Service Program

Enjoy a continual, governance-based service to manage your IT assets and processes. You’ll receive technology roadmaps to help you meet your short and long-term goals. Plus product end-of-life guidance, SAM optimization & maturity reviews. There will also be cybersecurity, cloud or other value-based consultations.

Cloud Productivity Assessment

If you’re ready to move your data from on-premises to the cloud, but you are not quite sure if everything’s ready – we can help. Using the SAM Cloud Productivity Assessment, COMPAREX will help you assess your cloud migration readiness to move parts of your desktop environment to the cloud – or all of it.

Server Optimization Assessment

This detailed assessment provides guidance and resources to help you optimize your server environment while reducing cost, complexity, and compliance risks. COMPAREX will look over your current deployments and determine the best server usage – on-premises and in the cloud.

Cybersecurity Assessment

We’ll create an overview of your deployed software to identify high-level areas of potential risk and then offer guidance on your cybersecurity programs and policies. You can use this full inventory as a foundation for an in-depth organizational security assessment.

GDPR Assessment

Take the first step towards GDPR compliance and obtain a clear view on the current state of your IT and data infrastructure. The SAM GDPR Assessment helps you understand your current GDPR readiness and outlines the best ways to make any improvements.

Infrastructure Optimization Assessment

This assessment will analyze your data and suggest SAM policy and procedure optimizations to simplify your digital transformation strategy and implementation. It will help when moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud by selecting and prioritizing your current server workloads and applications.

SAM for Hosting (SPLA) Assessment

As a hoster, you’ll receive analysis, recommendations, and best practices related to license inventorying and reporting. This SAM for Hosting plan is designed to provide hoster and Microsoft with a comprehensive overview and analysis of your reporting.

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