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Quest and COMPAREX

Formerly the software division at Dell, Quest Software is now an independent company again. Quest’s software makes it simpler to manage IT infrastructures.

The company’s innovative solutions help organizations solve the toughest IT management challenges, improve the efficiency of their IT operations, and save time and money across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Quest Partner

Thanks to Quest’s innovative solutions, it’s now easier than ever to boost an organization’s advantages. Whether visualization, cloud computing, optimized data management, or safe access for mobile users, Quest offers numerous possibilities for implementing their powerful IT solutions in your company.

Quest Software has been a loyal and successful COMPAREX partner for over nine years. We are also a long-term, highly trained partner for their “Microsoft Platform Management” business unit. This focus allows us to offer our customers Quest Software applications that enable them to efficiently migrate and manage their Microsoft technologies (such as Skype for Business, Office 365, Azure AD, or Exchange) and make them even more secure.

Our Partner Status

The Quest Partner Circle includes organizations that design, integrate, implement, deploy, and operate the systems that enable our mutual customers to conduct business in today’s highly competitive markets.

The highest possible partner status is the Platinum status, and COMPAREX has achieved this status in Germany.

Quest Platinum Partner

Vendor Certifications

Our team includes certified Quest Software specialists:

  • Quest Software sales professionals: 36

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