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Mobilize, Secure, and Optimize App and Data Delivery with Citrix and COMPAREX

Citrix and COMPAREX

Citrix offers solutions for a secure digital workspace, app virtualization and virtual desktop infrastructure, enterprise mobility management, file synchronization and sharing, as well as networking.

Citrix Partner

COMPAREX and Citrix rely and look back on a long-lasting partnership. For more than 18 years, COMPAREX has been recognized as a specialized, certified, and distinguished Citrix partner. In order to achieve this distinction, COMPAREX invested heavily in the development of an international strategic Citrix business and, to this end, significantly expanded the Citrix sales force as well as the Citrix-focused consultants within COMPAREX.

Our Partner Status

COMPAREX is one of just a few partners to hold the Citrix Platinum Partner status in several countries. In order to achieve this status, which is the highest possible, COMPAREX invests in Citrix Specialist Certifications in Virtualization, Networking, and Mobility at our local subsidiaries. COMPAREX is able to support customers globally thanks to its locations with specialized sales and technical experts in more than 30 countries.

Citrix Partner Platinum Solution Advisor

COMPAREX is regularly included in Citrix Partner Councils, which is an honor only a few dedicated partners receive. This gives COMPAREX the opportunity to address customer challenges and needs concerning products and programs directly with the vendor, thereby ensuring they will be considered for future improvements.

Our Awards

COMPAREX was named Citrix Partner of the Year in 2016 and received several awards in the EMEA region and Central Europe for being the most influencing solution advisor for Citrix solutions:

  • 2016: Partner of the Year
  • 2016: Most Influencing Citrix Solution Advisor Virtualization EMEA
  • 2015: Most Influencing Citrix Solution Advisor Central Europe
  • 2015: Most Influencing Citrix Solution Advisor Virtualization EMEA

Our Certifications

Citrix Sales Certifications: 80 employees

Citrix Technical Certifications: 110 employees

Citrix technology (and the IT sector in general) is developing and changing very rapidly. This pace translates into a complex matrix of certifications recommended by the vendor. We aim to have our experienced consultants achieve the highest level of all the offered specializations.

COMPAREX is one of a few lucky partners who are invited to attend the world’s leading events on sales techniques and technical expertise. This keeps us one step ahead with respect to Citrix at all times and enables us to provide our customers with direct, first-hand information.

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For more information on Citrix products, licensing, and consulting, please feel free to contact our COMPAREX experts. You can also find more information on the official Citrix website.

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