Sourcing Strategies

Sourcing Strategies

Start Revolutionizing Your IT Procurement

Consistent Access to the Best Products, Licensing Models and Cloud Services

How will it change your pricing strategy?

The ability to manage your licensed products under one, single flexible agreement that fits within your budget is very liberating. One agreement – one strategy. It’s very streamlined.

What difference will it make to global and local sourcing?

With COMPAREX by your side, you’ll be able to benefit from volume licensing discounts, whilst also ensuring lots of subsidiaries can individually purchase the software they need.

Will you be able to optimize your licenses?

We can help ensure your business gets precisely the right software for its needs, together with the most cost effective licensing model possible.

COMPAREX Saves You Time and Money

With us, you’ll have access to one provider who can source a combination of software and licenses that align perfectly to your business’ current strategy – while maintaining the flexibility to evolve in line with every new opportunity. As a result, you can be confident that the best pricing, the most flexible service models, and volume-licensing discounts are always included in your sourcing strategy.
And whether you’re an SMB, Enterprise, or anything in between, we’ll also provide access to our eProcurement platform – and let you select between globally defined contracts, delivery and contacts, or a single point-of-contact contract, to ensure seamless B2B integration.

Cost Reduction

  • Deliver lower average margins on every single order.
  • Ensure access to all vendor incentives, including rebates, DealReg‘s etc.
  • Work smarter and reduce operational costs through a standardized shopping basket.

License Optimization

  • Achieve real cost savings by eliminating redundant and non-standard orders.
  • Optimize contracts with renewals and contract management.
  • Utilize our international sourcing capabilities for large contract volumes.

Individual Service

  • Enjoy best-price margins through globally defined purchase conditions set for each vendor.
  • Develop ‘preferred contact’ status with locally defined contact persons.
  • Maintain flexibility through globally defined sourcing models (central to local, local to local).

Providing standard software from over 10,800 vendors

With trusted expertise, backed up by the highest certification levels, COMPAREX is well equipped to manage software sourcing for even the most complex and decentralized of procurement organizations. What’s more, to help you find the best possible licensing arrangement we can also offer bespoke options that have been developed to meet specific customer demands – such as Microsoft Cloud Solutions by COMPAREX. With this example, you’ll have access to a flexible license service model for developing a secure and productive cloud infrastructure. Better still, every Microsoft Cloud Solution you use will be sold, managed, and billed directly by COMPAREX to give you peace of mind and guaranteed best price.

It’s all part of our customer commitment, which can include an additional Single Point of Contact (SPOC), alongside the creation of maintenance contracts and seamless integration with our eProcurement platform.

Managing a Licensing Behemoth

International Technology Giant

For one large customer, COMPAREX manages the software procurement for over 400,000 users – and provides licenses from over 4.000 vendors. Leveraging a broad variety of licensing services (including Contract Optimization, Blacklist Check, EULA Check, Global Sourcing, and OpenBook) the company has reduced process costs by over €450,000 and deliver purchase savings of over €80,000, while still meeting each vendor’s terms and conditions.

Performance Optimization – the 2 minute overview

Watch our introductory video and find out what we can do to help optimize your procurement processes.

Software Licensing

We supply a full range of software from over 10,500 different vendors and have strong, long-term relationships with a variety of vendors and solutions provider.

IT Procurement Managed Service

With one provider, everything’s taken care of, simply and effectively.

Software Portfolio Management Services

Assess your software portfolio and enjoy cost savings. You will reduce both operational and financial risk by refocusing the way you structure the vast array of products and license types in your software portfolio.

Let a COMPAREX expert show you how to take your IT procurement to the next level.