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IT Procurement Managed Services

IT Procurement Managed Service Brings Your Software Procurement to the Next Level.

How will it help You to find better prices?

With the labyrinth of licensing models, price differences, varying margins and incentives – it can all get very confusing. With one provider, everything’s taken care of, simply and effectively.

Will you be able to reduce procurement costs?

Dealing with lots of different vendors can incur higher process costs and sourcing redundancies. But with our service, not only are your costs reduced, so is the time it takes to arrange everything.

What will happen to your process efficiency?

We make sure that everything is streamlined. Procurement, license management and your SAM processes. You’ll also avoid the risks of any compliance failure and the financial penalties that come with it.

With IT Procurement Managed Service you obtain all your software licenses, regardless of vendor, with globally defined margins, contacts and SLAs from COMPAREX. So you only have to interact with one software partner enabling you to save costs, increase efficiency, and reduce effort and risks.

Cut Software Costs

Get the best prices and vendor agreements and remove redundancies

Reduce Effort

Eliminate quote requests, price comparisons, order & billing processes etc.

Minimize Risks

Benefit from assured global price and tax compliance

Increase Efficiency

Only deal with one standard partner, B2B connection, and reporting

Why COMPAREX? Save Costs, Time, Efforts, and Your Nerves

With IT Procurement Managed Service by COMPAREX, you will substantially cut your costs by eliminating time-consuming quotations, removing sourcing redundancies, and getting access to our best-price sourcing with automated price comparisons. In addition, we offer international sourcing consultancy for large contract volumes (e.g. Microsoft Enterprise Agreements) to find the optimal sourcing model for you. And as a matter of course we unlock all available vendor incentives (e.g. deal registrations) and share arbitrage effects with you!

With COMPAREX you benefit from a powerful provider that supplies a full range of standard software from over 10,500 different vendors. Thanks to our unique market position, our global presence, our in-depth knowledge of licensing models and three decades of experience, we are able to offer you the most favorable conditions and valuable guidance through the sourcing jungle.

Potential Savings

  • Automated global best-price sourcing
  • Lower average margins on every order
  • Contract optimization
  • Sourcing monitoring to eliminate redundant and non-standard orders
  • Access to all vendor incentives incl. rebates, deal registrations etc.
  • Reduced operational cost
Make COMPAREX your software partner

Reduced Efforts & Higher Efficiency

  • One standard provider globally
  • Elimination of quote requests
  • Guaranteed global price & tax compliance
  • Only one quarterly business report (QBR) needed
  • One standard report for SAM  
  • One standard report for procurement department
  • One standard B2B connection
  • Procurement integration with standardized shopping basket

What IT Procurement Managed Service Offers You

Our service is all you need to revolutionize your software procurement. It provides you with:

  • globally defined conditions for each vendor
  • globally defined contact persons
  • globally defined delivery (central to local, local to local)

as well as the following core components:

1. Dynamic Global & Local Sourcing: Best-Price Sourcing

With our automated best-price sourcing for non-Microsoft products, you eliminate the time-consuming practice of quotations and substantially cut your process costs. In addition, you can fully rely on risk-free, legally compliant transactions.

Dynamic Global Sourcing

Select your 30 most important vendors and obtain the best international price for all their products automatically.

Dynamic Local Sourcing

For all other vendors, obtain the best local price for all products.

2. International Sourcing: Consultancy for Large Contract Volumes

COMPAREX searches, finds and provides the best international sourcing option, agreement option and agreement type for your requirements and situation (applies above all to Microsoft products). Our specialists conduct deep-dive workshops analyzing your software landscape and demands, design the optimal sourcing model for you and also offer support for contract negotiations.

3. GainShare: Unlock ALL Deal Regs and GainShare Effects

The GainShare component gives you access to all vendor-related backend fees, including rebates, deal regs, incentives and promotions, and lets you benefit from arbitrage effects with contractual guarantee.

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