Portfolio Management & Compliance Services

Take Complete
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Software Portfolio Management & Compliance Services

Save Costs, Reduce Risks and Gain Transparency

Digital transformation offers plenty of opportunities. But with opportunity comes risk. Software solutions for Big Data, IoT, blockchain etc. can all bring considerable value to your organization. Every department wants to install numerous new applications practically overnight. The unchecked growth of shadow IT – with all the associated security, compliance and financial risks – is one of the greatest IT challenges ahead. The complexity and sheer number of software assets will continue to rise, while IT departments must stay in control of the environment so as to make sensible strategic decisions and keep driving business.

Being in control starts with ‘knowing what is installed’ and ‘what is being used’. This is the focus of Software Portfolio Management Services. Our experts provide additional advice on where you can optimize your software portfolio and then guide you through the process. Managed Services within Software Asset Management (SAM) take the next step and compare ‘what is installed’ and ‘what is being used’ with ‘what has been purchased’. Avoiding unnecessary costs, optimizing license agreements and staying compliant are key concerns for our SAM service team.

Software Portfolio Management Services

Save costs and reduce both operational and financial risk by improving the way you structure the vast array of products, functions, categories and license types found in your software environment.

SAM Managed Services

Make full use of SAM data to ensure cost-efficient, compliant and secure use of on-premise and cloud software. Use your insights to optimize the use of your software, mitigate your risks and improve your processes to stay optimized.

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