Clever Savings in the Azure Cloud: COMPAREX Rolls Out a New Optimization Service

Many companies find Microsoft Azure quite challenging due to its diverse and constantly expanding use cases. The COMPAREX experts have now devised a smart way to solve this problem. Starting now, the new service "COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management for Azure" gives companies in twelve countries an easy option to manage and optimize their use of Azure, while saving up to 30 percent of costs into the bargain.

The problem

Although around 90 percent of the world’s highest-earning companies use Microsoft Azure, much of the potential of this vast cloud solution remains untapped. Eric Berg, Lead Architect at COMPAREX and expert for Microsoft Azure, has observed the following situation recurring time and again: “Azure provides an immense repertoire of options, but many companies fail to use its full potential in their daily work with the cloud solution. The intricate and highly detailed structure within Microsoft Azure can often seem overly complex, especially for novices.”

The solution: Clever, not complex

COMPAREX has designed an easy, clever and fast way to help companies in twelve countries exploit all the benefits of Microsoft Azure. The new solution COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management for Microsoft Azure guarantees all this and more. “We developed the service specifically for companies that feel a little uncertain or suspect that they are lacking the expertise to benefit fully from Microsoft Azure,” explains Berg. “It’s a real two-for-one situation. First of all, it’s a really easy way for companies to get started in Azure, and secondly they can cut their costs by up to 30 percent,” the COMPAREX expert continues

So what is included? 

Included in Unified Cloud Management by COMPAREX are, for example:

  • Additional dashboards for improved transparency when using Azure
  • Clear allocation to cost centers to ensure fair and accurate distribution of expenditure
  • Early warnings to protect against cost and budget overruns
  • Forecast function to predict Azure expenditure for the coming month or even year
  • Individualized recommendations by Azure experts for when the IT team needs a helping hand or a sparring partner
  • 24/7 support for maximum availability of the used Azure services

The service is initially available in Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, the UK and the United States. Other countries will follow in due course.

Exploiting potential

Eric Berg uses everyday situations to highlight the benefits that companies can obtain from Unified Cloud Management for Azure: “IT managers are often too pressed for time to check log analyses and other details. They want an affordable and efficient solution, a 360° view of their cloud ecosystem and the ability to detect and analyze usage trends as quickly as possible. Unified Cloud Management for Azure is a great way to downsize services that are currently not in use and in doing so cut costs. For their part, CFOs and CTOs need to keep budgets on a tight leash and therefore require complete cost transparency. They have to know beforehand which costs are to be included in the calculations, whether there has been unusual usage behavior, and must be able to intervene actively to preserve resources and trim the costs. COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management for Azure places all of these things at their fingertips.”

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Control and Optimize Azure Costs

Want to exploit the benefits offered by the Azure Cloud platform? With Unified Cloud Management for Azure, we help you realize, optimize and develop the full potential of your cloud investment.

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