COMPAREX Receives Bosch Global Supplier Award

Under this year’s award-motto “Partners in success”, COMPAREX was honored by Robert Bosch GmbH for its outstanding performance and exemplary teamwork.

COMPAREX has been honored with the Bosch Global Supplier Award from Robert Bosch GmbH. COMPAREX received the award in the “purchasing of indirect material” (software) category – highlighting the strong and reliable partnership that has existed for more than 20 years between the two companies. “Receiving the Global Supplier 2017 Award for the category software from the top management at Bosch in this festive setting is a very special honor for us. It acknowledges the performance of all COMPAREX employees involved and whom I want to especially thank for their great work,” said Jürgen Beestermöller, COMPAREX Regional Manager Sales, Southwest Germany.

Of several tens of thousands of suppliers, Bosch awarded the coveted prize to its partner COMPAREX as well as to 43 other suppliers from eleven countries. This marks the fifteenth time the supplier of technology and services has honored outstanding performance in the manufacture and supply of products or services – notably in the areas of quality, costs, innovation, and logistics. Bosch presented the coveted awards before an audience of some 100 representatives of the supply industry at the exclusive Goldbergwerk event location in Stuttgart, Germany. The theme of this year’s award ceremony was “Partners in success.”

Bosch’s suppliers have long been more than mere deliverers of parts and components: they are also partners in development and innovation. Currently, the Bosch Group’s purchasing and logistics volume amounts to some 60 percent of its total sales. Most of the purchases are of electronic and mechanical components, but Bosch also buys resale goods, software, services, capital goods, and operating equipment. “Bosch’s success is based in no small part on competitiveness, innovative strength, and agility – qualities we can achieve only with fruitful international partnerships,” said Dr. Karl Nowak, president of the Bosch corporate sector for purchasing and logistics.

COMPAREX receives Bosch supplier award - all finalists
picture: Uwe Kauschinger, Global Account Manager (for Bosch) at COMPAREX, last row / middle
COMPAREX receives BOSCH supplier award
picture: Jürgen Beestermöller (COMPAREX), Tanja Gelewski (Lead Buyer Purchasing Indirect - IT; Software and IT Services, Bosch) and Uwe Kauschinger (COMPAREX) with the official award

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