Software Asset Management: COMPAREX Takes Over Technology Leader amando software

The international IT services company COMPAREX has taken over 100% of Germany’s SAM technology leader amando software GmbH as part of the ongoing development in its SoftCare offer within software license management. Drawing on 20 years of experience, amando software is numbered among Europe’s most successful providers of software solutions and services for software asset management. By taking over the company, COMPAREX is seeking to continue development of its SAM solution SAM2GO, while significantly expanding its team of SAM consultants and developers.

“We are convinced that in future, companies around the world will have an increased need for managed services in software asset management,” says Filip Krokowski, COMPAREX Executive Vice President Products. “We are creating a strategic foundation to accommodate these developments by bringing together two leading technologies – Miss Marple by amando, and SAM2GO by COMPAREX – alongside the licensing excellence provided by our experts.” This newly established team of SAM experts from both companies will enable COMPAREX to provide first-class know-how in response to rising customer demand.

Michael Drews, Chief Executive Officer at amando software: “Besides the ongoing development of our SAM technologies, the newly established expert team is the actual coup within the merger between COMPAREX and amando. By taking this step, we are uniting two superb teams on the SAM market, and are placing their knowledge in the services of our customers and partners. This means that in future also, we will be in a position to provide outstanding expertise in response to the rising demand for software asset management.” Both companies are prize-winning operators on the SAM market. For instance, COMPAREX was recently awarded the accolade “2015 Microsoft SAM Partner of the Year”.

COMPAREX and amando can look back on a long-standing technology partnership. In future, Michael Drews will hold a management position at COMPAREX, where he will be in charge of SAM product development.

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