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With the advent of the digital transformation and organizations working in a more agile way, the need for cloud-based solutions has continued to rise. Benefit from this trend by offering your customers exactly what they need.

Offer Cloud Services the Easy Way

With the COMPAREX Cloud Partner Program you can easily expand your business portfolio at very low risk. Your customers enjoy industry-leading cloud services bundled together with your services. And you enjoy the lack of an own billing & delivery platform as well as an own support organization – or even the need to invest in.

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Fuse Microsoft Cloud Services with Your Own Solutions

The COMPAREX Cloud Partner Program empowers you to become a highly successful cloud solution provider. Now you can deliver powerful cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft 365, Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) and Microsoft Azure. Whilst we handle all licensing, support, consulting, trainings, sales, and go-to-market assist. 

And with the COMPAREX Cloud Center we have a comprehensive platform to directly provide, bill and support Microsoft services directly to your customers. We go well beyond just licensing – it’s about differentiating your business entirely.

Key Benefits of the COMPAREX Cloud Center

Access to the World’s Most Complete Cloud Stack

Our state-of-the-art distribution and billing platform lets you deliver Microsoft 365, Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) and Microsoft Azure.

Scale Your Business with Ease

Now you can order services 24/7 and make them available in real-time. Our systems are securely and seamlessly connected to the Microsoft platforms for an automated and smooth delivery.

Stay in Control

With COMPAREX Cloud Consumption Monitoring you can track your customers’ Azure usage with ease. Plus individual credit lines minimize risks and individual markups help to maximize margins. We also supply consolidated monthly billing reports so you can decide how to bill clients.

Comprehensive Navigation

COMPAREX navigates you through the Microsoft Program Landscape and provides professional trainings to qualify you for incentives. COMPAREX is working closely with Microsoft to identify scale-ups and give you the appropriate support.
COMPAREX is also supporting you with joint Go-to-Market activities on marketing and sales

The COMPAREX Cloud Partner Program

Global Expertise at Your Service

  • Distribution Platform

Directly provision your customers and manage their accounts through our automated COMPAREX Cloud Center Market Place.

  • Monitoring and Analysis

Get a clear overview of your customer’s consumption with the included COMPAREX Cloud Consumption Monitoring Service.

  • Licensing Advice

Discover the sharpest solutions for your customers: COMPAREX provides any kind of licensing option. You can even combine different licensing programs and vendors .

  • Specialist Training

Join free trainings and webcasts as well as Microsoft competency trainings at the COMPAREX Cloud Campus to qualify for Microsoft incentives.

  • Go-to-Market Support

Benefit from COMPAREX-professional marketing collaterals and joint marketing initiatives. We always keep you up-to-date about new features or recent announcements.

  • Expert Tech Advice

Our senior consultants and cloud architects can support you on all your projects – offering guidance on best practices for migration, implementation and roll-out of cloud solutions.

  • The Best Support Around

If you are subscribed to our CSP Cloud Support, our experts will answer all questions about sourcing, billing and technical issues around the CSP Program and the COMPAREX Cloud Center. For topics beyond this, we offer an extended premier support package with 24-7 availability and a monthly statistic of inquiries.

Benefits of COMPAREX Cloud Partner Program

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