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Virtual and Mixed Reality Technologies Revolutionize the Way We Work

Virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) are highly promising technologies not only for industry 4.0 but also for collaboration. Adopting these technologies at an early stage offers considerable competitive advantages: increased productivity, more efficient communication and easier training and education for employees – especially important when short of skilled workers. The good news: With Office 365 and Teams it has never been easier to get started. More and more vendors are embracing the possibilities of this technology such as Adobe and Autodesk. 

A Vision Becomes (Virtual) Reality

Virtual and mixed reality technologies have the potential to bring remote collaboration to the next level. For example, they enable flexible training sessions with coworkers, can facilitate professional networking or improve customer experiences. You can communicate with your firstline workers using a shared perspective or give your information workers the chance to interact more naturally with the digital world.

The benefits of Virtual & Mixed Reality

Remote Collaboration

Unify geographically diverse workplaces – from remote offices to service to assembly line

Flexible Training

Conduct training sessions anywhere and anytime

Testing Environments

Create safe and controllable testing environments

Professional Networking

Expand contact with colleagues and clients

Increased Productivity

Access and store information with a simple swipe

Customer Experience

Connect your business to customers in real time

It’s Easier Than You Think – with Office 365

For organizations that already use Office 365, adopting these technologies is neither complex nor costly. All you need in addition to Teams is HoloLens. Microsoft’s mobile holographic device can interact with Teams via the HoloLens app Microsoft Remote Assist. Thus HoloLens users can collaborate remotely with heads-up, hands-free video calling, image sharing, or mixed reality annotations and share what they see with colleagues using Teams. They can solve problems together and complete tasks faster, always backed by enterprise-level security.

Discover What You Can Accomplish with Virtual/Mixed Reality

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