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Inspire Collaborative Working Anywhere on any Device With Office 365

Office 365 offers all your familiar office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook. But it’s the added combination of local software and cloud-based services, that allows Office 365 to handle all your challenges and build your Modern Workplace in the process.

How can you make it easier for teams to collaborate?

You’ll be able to connect your virtual project team, fostering collaboration, file-exchange, and all project-related activities on one platform. Now they can access files and contribute from everywhere at any time.

What’s the easiest way to share key information or decisions?

With Office 365, there are so many ways to reach all employees. Now you can gather feedback straight away and interact directly with everyone too.

How can you understand the true value of Office 365 for your business?

With the COMPAREX VIEW workshop, you’ll be able to discover the true value that comes with Office 365. Once complete, there will be a lot of ideas on how to improve your overall productivity.

Flexible modern tools ensure higher engagement and productivity

It’s very hard for businesses with workforce silos to drive innovation and change. Current research shows that modern work is quickly moving away from the classic desktop to working on the go, at home, or at a customer site. Employees need and want more flexibility and the modern technology that makes it possible. And again: flexible workstyles will have a major impact on team productivity, creativity, and engagement.

Build a modern, responsive workplace with Office 365

Benefits of Microsoft Office 365

Any device, anytime, anywhere

Office Online lets you access and edit office documents from any browser with an internet connection. Office 365 Pro Plus can be installed on up to 5 PCs or MACs, 5 smartphones and 5 tablet devices for the use of the licensed user. In addition to traditional office applications like Word or Excel, it gives you access to powerful online services like SharePoint Online, Teams, and Exchange Online, plus many others on the go.

Improved collaboration and communication

Microsoft Teams allows collaboration across files, delivers chats and calling, and easily integrates with numerous apps to increase efficiency and information flow within teams. Office 365 can also help you to integrate your firstline employees – they tend to be overlooked as they usually don’t use desktop PCs. With Office 365, everyone’s moving together as one.

Always the latest technology

Office 365 is always up-to-date and thus far more secure. The cloud makes rolling out new features or security updates seamless. This way, your workforce will always use the latest technology and enjoy access to improvements right away without long deployment cycles. At the same time, your IT department gets easy management and enterprise-grade security features built right in.


Everything you need to know about Office 365 as platform for a modern workplace in one  handy document.

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Value and Inspiration Workshop for MS Office 365

Value Inspiration and Experience Workshop for Office 365

A powerful and insightful workshop, you’ll really understand the detail of Microsoft Office 365, its applications and how they can benefit your business.

Modern Workplace benefits with Office 365

For General Management

  • Achieve productivity on the go for your entire workforce
  • Break down barriers
  • Increase employee satisfaction and engagement

For Project Managers

  • Foster collaboration across teams and locations
  • Attain transparent communication throughout the company

For IT Managers

  • Always use the latest version of the technology
  • Minimize management and maintenance efforts for your IT department

For Employees

  • Access and edit your documents anywhere and anytime
  • Collaborate with others on browsers, PCs, smartphones or tablets

What our customers say

Logo Winkelmann Group

The Winkelmann Group has multiple offices and production facilities around the world. As a result, it wasn’t always possible to securely exchange data or collaborate with international colleagues. Office 365 had the answers they needed.

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COMPAREX makes it happen.

COMPAREX is a strong and reliable partner who is always by your side – from strategy to operations to user training. We help you find the right Office 365 plan(s) and licensing model for your needs, so that you can fully benefit from the modern workplace. We’ll also provide a 360° care package before, during and after the rollout. Our goal: empower you to maximize your benefits and investment returns. Simple.

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