Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance

More Flexibility
and Cost-Savings

New Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance Offerings

Protect Your Systems, Applications and Data

Cutting Cloud Costs

“Is there a way to cut cloud costs while improving security and compliance tailored to my actual needs?”

Better Protection and Control

“We need specific solutions for advanced threat protection and data access control. But we don’t want the biggest package.”

Strict Data Protection Regulations

“In HR and other departments, we have a lot of sensitive or personal data. We must protect and govern them in accordance with data protection regulations.”

Save Money and Reduce Security Risks

Today, cyber threats are increasing in both numbers and sophistication. At the same time, strict data protection rules like the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) present growing challenges for many organizations – especially for cloud-based data. Therefore, every organization needs appropriate security and compliance solutions.

Fortunately, two new Microsoft 365 packages now make it easier for Microsoft 365 and Office 365 customers to ensure protection, data access control, and transparency in the cloud and on-premises:

Security: Microsoft’s new security offering “Identity & Threat Protection” is designed to fortify and simplify advanced threat protection through integrated security, artificial intelligence and automation.

Compliance: Microsoft’s new offering “Information Protection & Compliance” helps you to assess and reduce compliance risks, to classify, govern and protect sensitive data, and to efficiently respond to regulatory requests.

Your Benefits

  • Comprehensive and powerful solutions for integrated security & compliance
  • Cost savings over buying standalone offers
  • Easier purchase, deployment, and adoption of security value
  • No need to buy full Microsoft 365 E5 suite for your ambitious compliance & security goals

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Flexible Options

Effective 1 February 2019, these packages will be available for $12 and $10 per user per month respectively, offering Microsoft 365 E3 customers considerable cost savings compared to buying standalone solutions. Nevertheless, the security and compliance components mentioned remain available separately and also as part of the full Microsoft 365 E5 suite.

Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance Packages

No price increases or service impacts are associated with these changes. You just get more options to achieve your individual security and compliance goals without having to pay for E5 features you don’t use. (In fact, MyAnalytics functionality from E5 has now also been added to all Microsoft/Office 365 plans with no extra charge.)

Comprehensive Solutions

Identity & Threat Protection

Information Protection & Compliance

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