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COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management for Office 365

We’ll Ensure You Maximize the Potential of Office 365

Our specialists will guide you through all the powerful features of Office 365 and how you can make them work for you. From configuration options to licensing, technical know-how to change management skills, we collate all the knowledge and experience of our Office 365 specialists into a comprehensive managed service.

Facing your challenges - COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management

How can you make sure you get adoption?

Our specialists will help guide in training your users to use the right Office applications to aid collaboration and communication.

Will it help with optimizing costs? 

It’s likely that not every user will need the full Office 365 suite, we can help you uncover which applications are actually used. And in turn optimize your costs.

How can you ensure a smooth migration?

The first impression your team has of any new software really defines its adoption success. As a result, we can offer the expertise you need to ensure a smooth migration to Office 365.

What about 24-7 technical support?

Of course most of your Office applications are mission-critical. We can help you setup proactive monitoring and also give you 24-7 support. 

Benefits of COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management for Office 365

Proactive support

  • 24-7 support with escalation path to Microsoft Premier Support
  • Health monitoring of Office 365 applications to identify possible issues
  • Unlimited functional and technical support

User adoption

  • Customized adoption roadmap to your needs and user maturity
  • Coaching by an assigned business consultant
  • On-demand training by our online learning platform and webinar
  • Effective change management of new features and applications

Management & Security

  • Full management of all Office 365 applications
  • Reduced outages through effective change management for 500+ configuration options
  • User management and access control
  • Align configurations to your security guidelines

Cost optimization

  • Alignment of Office 365 plans (eg. E3, E5) based on detailed workload usage
  • Prognoses for future license and workload usage
  • Advice on the best licensing option
  • SLA monitoring that shows real uptime from MS Cloud services

Unified Cloud Management for Office 365 at a glance

Our Unified Cloud Management service is available in three modules, allowing you to select the services that are most important to your organization. The basis of our service is an onboarding phase.  To make sure everything goes smoothly there will be a COMPAREX Service Manager at your disposal.

 1. Onboarding

Plan and design Office 365 Strategy; Mail migration with availability assurance of the on premise infrastructure
2. Support  3. Optimize 4. Manage 

Improve Availability

  • 24/7 support with escalation path to Microsoft
  • Quality assurance by reviewing audit reports
  • Health monitoring to reduce downtime

Cost optimization

  • Unlimited support via our Premier Contract

Increase business productivity & efficiency

  • Enable employees to do more in less time
  • Workload monitoring for planning adoption roadmap
  • Effective change management of new features
  • Live webinars & online training platform

Improve Availability

  • Full management of all Office 365 workloads
  • Change management for 500 configuration options

Increase Security

  • Manage access control
  • Align configuration to company guidelines

Cost optimization

  • Microsoft SLA credits for better negotiation
  • Workload & license usage
  • Historical data for planning prognoses
  • Reduce admin efforts and ticket costs

Everything under your control

With Unified Cloud Management, you gain access to easy to use dashboards that provide total transparency of your service health, program adoption and usage. This invaluable information allows you to reduce costs, increase ROI and improve your employees’ efficiency.

Health Monitoring Dashboard

  • Proactive real-time alerts for Office 365 service related issues
  • Cloud and distributed probes to quickly identify the source of service issues
  • Using PowerBI, the dashboard visualizes historical service availability with advanced analytics
Managed Services for Office and Microsoft 365 - Service Health Dashboard
Health Monitoring Dashboard

Office 365 Adoption Dashboard

  • Identifies license optimization areas
  • Monitors communication channels to enhance cross-departmental communication
  • Proactively targets users to increase adoption
Managed Services for Office and Microsoft 365 - Adoption Dashboard
Office 365 Adoption Dashboard

COMPAREX’s Learning Portal

  • This is your one-stop-shop for complete adoption to new platforms and programs 
  • With specially crafted courses and lesson plans, end users can go from novice to expert in no time
  • Accessible directly from an icon within your Office 365 portal and by web browser at 
  • Provides end users with the resources to quickly onboard and continuously adopt new solutions within Office 365
COMPAREX’s Learning Portal

Unified Cloud Mgmt. for Office 365

Download the flyer and get all information about Unified Cloud Management for Office 365 at a glance.

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How do you monitor and support your Office 365 platform?

Advanced Reporting for Office 365 with Unified Cloud Management.

What Our Customers Say

With COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management (UCM), Office 365 and SharePoint Online, BOVAG was able to refocus on their core business and save a lot of time and money.


COMPAREX’s approach is not only about helping your organization enable new solutions and workloads, but to become a trusted partner throughout your entire cloud lifecycle.

  • High expertise in deploying and managing Office 365:
    Over 12M seats of Office 365 sold | 500+ organizations deployed | Over 5,000,000 mailboxes migrated
  • Licensing is our core competence:
    Over thirty years’ experience and know-how in license management | COMPAREX is today’s leading Microsoft Cloud partner

What's new in Office 365? All the new features revealed...

Brian Kainec is one of our specialists in the field of modern workplaces who constantly creates short video updates about the topic. Those "Inspiration Update" videos introduce the most important Office 365 updates, plug-ins and handy little helpers to simplify your office installation and use.

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