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COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management for Microsoft 365

Increase Security & Improve Productivity with Microsoft 365

Unified Cloud Management is our industry-leading managed service that helps you launch and optimize Microsoft 365 cloud technologies such as Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Windows 10.

We’ll work with you to plan and deploy the right technologies for your business, as well as ensure total adoption across all users. You’ll also be able to maintain deep insights into usage and spend trends to help prepare for future needs.

Can you offer guidance through complex subjects?

Our experts are here to guide you through configuration for things like data loss prevention, rights management, labelling and classification. They’ll even help to setup Intune.

What happens if something goes wrong at night?

With 24-7 availability and support, when you have any issues with EM+S or Windows 10, we’re there. Now you can ensure your devices are always protected so there’s less downtime due to malware.

How can you make the adoption process smoother?

We can offer advice on teaching users to self-enroll their own device. Plus we can assist with explaining how to apply rights management and labelling to documents. 

Will it help with your security setup? 

Absolutely. We’ll guide you through the multi-factor authentication setup. This will ensure your organization is protected without too much internal friction to the process.

Do you save money with Microsoft 365?

You’ll be able to optimize your costs on many levels. Part of this will be helped through the replacement of third party tools, which will no longer be needed.

Unified Cloud Management for Microsoft 365 at a glance

Our Unified Cloud Management is available in five modules, allowing you to select the services that are most important for your organization.


We’ll ensure your organization’s business-critical application are always supported.


Provides your users with the knowledge and skillsets to use the best-in-class productivity tools.


Enjoy full lifecycle management of Office 365, Administrative Management and Governance of Microsoft 365, and improve licensing pricing conditions.

Enterprise Mobility + Security

Receive enhanced security for users, devices and information to meet all security guidelines

Windows 10

Ensures that your workplace is set up with the right functionalities and support level

Everything under your control

With Unified Cloud Management, you gain access to easy to use dashboards that provide total transparency of your service health, program adoption and usage. This invaluable information allows you to reduce costs, increase ROI and improve your employees’ efficiency.

Health Monitoring Dashboard

  • Proactive real-time alerts for Office 365 service related issues
  • Cloud and distributed probes to quickly identify the source of service issues
  • Using PowerBI, the dashboard visualizes historical service availability with advanced analytics 
Managed Services for Office and Microsoft 365 - Service Health Dashboard
Health Monitoring Dashboard

Office 365 Adoption Dashboard

  • Identifies license optimization areas
  • Monitors communication channels to enhance cross-departmental communication
  • Proactively targets users to increase adoption
Managed Services for Office and Microsoft 365 - Adoption Dashboard
Office 365 Adoption Dashboard

COMPAREX’s Learning Portal

  • This is your one-stop-shop for complete adoption to new platforms and programs 
  • With specially crafted courses and lesson plans, end users can go from novice to expert in no time
  • Accessible directly from an icon within your Office 365 portal and by web browser at 
  • Provides end users with the resources to quickly onboard and continuously adopt new solutions within Office 365
COMPAREX’s Learning Portal
COMPAREX’s Learning Portal

Why choose Unified Cloud Management for Microsoft 365 over Office 365’s version

Unified Cloud Management for Microsoft 365 covers the same services as the Office 365 version but it has two additional modules with specific focus on security, mobility, availability & Windows 10. This makes it even more complete, flexible and adaptable.

Enterprise Mobility + Security Module

Improve availability

  • 24-7 support with escalation path to Microsoft
  • Quarterly review of policies to ensure continuous compliance
  • Health monitoring of Intune managed devices
  • Audit monitoring of EM+S features

Cost optimization

  • Unlimited support via our premier contract

Secure user identity

  • Multi-Factor Authentication Management
  • Manage Password Self-Service & Single Sign on
  • Health monitoring of AD/ADFS

Information protection

  • Encryption management
  • Align information protection policies to company guidelines

Windows 10 Module

Improve availability and increase productivity

  • 24-7 support for Windows 10 operating system and Intune installed apps
  • IT vendor management and escalation for vendor supported 3rd party Windows applications
  • Operating system configuration and application management via Intune
  • App deployment by silent installation (MSI) and Windows store

What Our Customers Say

With COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management (UCM), Office 365 and SharePoint Online, BOVAG was able to refocus on their core business and save a lot of time and money.

What's new in Office 365? All the new features revealed...

Brian Kainec is one of our specialists in the field of modern workplaces who constantly creates short video updates about the topic. Those "Inspiration Update" videos introduce the most important Office 365 updates, plug-ins and handy little helpers to simplify your office installation and use.


COMPAREX’s approach is not only about helping your organization enable new solutions and workloads, but to become a trusted partner throughout your entire cloud lifecycle.

  • High expertise in deploying and managing Office 365:
    Over 12M seats of Office 365 sold | 500+ organizations deployed | Over 5,000,000 mailboxes migrated
  • Licensing is our core competence:
    Over thirty years’ experience and know-how in license management | COMPAREX is today’s leading Microsoft Cloud partner

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