Value and Inspiration Workshop for Office 365

A Best-in-Class Workshop
for Microsoft Office 365

Value Inspiration and Experience Workshop

Discover Your Individual Value of Microsoft Office 365

With the COMPAREX Value Inspiration and Experience Workshop (VIEW), you will enjoy a hands-on workshop on Microsoft Office 365 and its applications. It’s designed for those who feel overwhelmed by the countless features and endless growing opportunities of Office 365 applications such as Teams, OneDrive, Skype, Yammer, Delve – the list goes on.

Value and Inspiration Workshop for Office 365

What key benefit will you get from the workshop?

Office 365 is a powerful tool with countless possibilities with all its applications. The challenge is to work out what’s right for you and how you can create a plan that specifically benefits your business.

Will it explain how each app can benefit your business?

If you’ve recently implemented Office 365 you need to have a clear idea of how each Office 365 app can benefit your business. With the workshop you’ll understand the features in detail.

How do you keep up-to-date with all the new apps?

Through our workshop you’ll understand all the opportunities Office 365 can offer your company, from the seemingly countless new applications and functionalities that are being added.

VIEW empowers you to tailor your Office 365 experience to your business

Our scenario videos inspire you to find the outcomes that are suited to your individual needs. We then work with you to categorize them to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Work faster, better and more efficiently
  • Increase security

The workshop is customized to your specific needs, situation, timeline and to fit with your individual Office 365 vision.

Discover your individual value of Office 365 as you discover the potential of each application. After the workshop, you’ll know how to apply these to your individual needs.

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VIEW learnings will help you work productively and efficiently not only theoretical understanding, but also concrete values for your company in day-to-day task fulfillment.

Using the COMPAREX collaboration matrix and circle combined with hands-on examples, we can adapt best practices for Office 365 applications to fit with your individual situation.


Feel inspired

The VIEW is an inspiration and experience workshop and not a training session.

Tailored results

Our experts will work out and apply the value of Office 365 to your individual needs.

Gain focus

Depending on your business needs, the top Office 365 applications will be defined and put to use.

Flexible time

The duration of the workshop can range from few hours to a full day.

COMPAREX VIEW for Office 365 at a glance

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What our customers say?

Feel inspired

"I was very enthusiastic about the short inspiration video. It was great to get to the core of the content with short explanatory videos. Well done everyone and thank you COMPAREX, more of the same please."

Ulf Vollmer
Head of Compliance Control, Global Business Services, METRO AG

What our experts say?

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Make the most of Office 365 with VIEW