Learn to Collaborate Efficiently
With Your Digital Workplace

Empowering People to Collaborate: The Modern Workplace Trainings Offers

More and more employees would like to benefit from more freedom when it comes to organizing their work environment in terms of time and location. In future, they might partly or fully leave their stationary offices to meet both, the current business and lifestyle requirements. To make this concept a successful one, involvement of all employees is essential.

Microsoft Office 365 workloads help to fulfil the demands of modern workplaces. Many companies already use Office and/or Microsoft 365. But, can you cope with the new technology you are provided with? COMPAREX Academy helps to get the best out of it.

Internationally Supporting You With Trainings

Manage the Migration

of digital workplaces providing added value for both: your employees and your company.

Enable Collaboration

Through workplace redesign and integration of new technologies.

Motivate Employees

to cope with new ways of collaboration and make use of all given opportunities.

Protect Data

against unauthorized access or data loss.

Modern Learning Worlds

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Modern Learning Concepts

COMPAREX Academy doesn’t just offer you a wide range of training in all areas relevant to IT, it also provides you with unique learning formats that are based on your learning style and the time you envisage spending on further training.


Communication in time (tip: start 6 months before the technical rollout).


Communication and marketing measures.


Your key users, multipliers and team leaders for Office 365.


User performance tools and social media applications as well as materials for your objective.


A concept for advanced training.

Training Areas for Sustainable Knowledge

Lifelong learning is a requirement today in many professions. Which is why many professionals check the opportunities for further development within companies. Modern learning formats with targeted, efficient qualification measures.

Change Management

  • Methodology design
  • Articulate the business case
  • Define behavioral changes
  • Define success criteria
  • Develop learning and marketing materials

Project Communication and Administration

  • Email campaigns and newsletters
  • Providing information via the intranet, corporate wiki starter kits for employees (print media, possibly headset, etc.)
  • Introductory trailer of about 3 minutes

Trainings and Learning

  • Technical training for administrators and support staff
  • Tailored training concepts with target-group-specific trainings
  • Classroom trainings and live online trainings worldwide in local language
  • Learning on demand tools
  • Screencast video: Screenplay for click paths
  • Use cases

Upcoming Trainings & Events

  • June 24, 2019
    6:00 AM
  • Munich
  • Infrastructure and Apps
  • $ 2,495
  • September 16, 2019
    6:00 AM
  • Culemborg
  • Infrastructure and Apps
  • $ 3,195
  • October 07, 2019
    6:00 AM
  • Berlin
  • Infrastructure and Apps
  • $ 3,195

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