Zen Master's Guide to Office 365

Your VIEW Into Productivity, Progress and Peace at Work

The Zen Master’s Guide to Office 365 as the Platform for the Modern Workplace

Three things have happened that have made digital transformation not only possible, but mandatory for organizations that want to survive and thrive:

  1. Higher expectations of quality and service from today’s customers,
  2. Mobile, flexible workers and silo’d work environments, with data sprawl,
  3. Massive advancements in affordable technology that can be deployed rapidly.

Find your Personal Zen in the Hustle and Bustle of Digital Transformation

Learn how to apply a framework for discovering how six Office 365 applications can improve not only large-scale projects, but everyday work life.

At an individual level, within a single work day, each of us experiences obstacles and challenges that cause interruptions and increase stress and friction. Companies and employees are looking for solutions that can alleviate these frustrations. Digital transformation is not something only large enterprises undertake. Each of us, within our individual roles, can undergo a personal digital transformation that can truly revolutionize our workday. And we can do it in a way that allows us to be more productive AND at peace.

The bar has been seriously raised for organizations today. The customer experience is top of mind for everyone. Success requires an organization’s team to function as seamlessly as their technology and processes.

The Power of Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is a technology that has evolved as a key player across many digital transformation initiatives.

This is because Office 365 can remove many of our everyday work pains. Within Office 365 are hundreds of features and functions proven to make your work day better. But any new technology can be overwhelming. How do you determine which features and functions can provide value to you in your everyday work life?

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Value and Inspiration Workshop for MS Office 365

The COMPAREX Value Inspiration and Experience Workshop (VIEW) was born out of the need for better, easier technology adoption. It was designed to reduce the complexities of Office 365 and maximize its value as a productivity platform.

Discover and experience your own personal and professional value within Office 365 with the VIEW.