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Brian Kainec, one of our specialists in the field of challenges of modern workplaces, hosts a special playlist on our Youtube channel. In his "Inspiration Update" videos he introduces the most important recent Microsoft Office 365 updates, plug-ins and handy little helpers to simplify your office installation and use.

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Automate Tasks to Workflows With Flow

Most of us these days live in two different worlds: in one world, our professional life, in the other we have our private life.  Synchronizing our calendars, contacts and the to-do list items between these two worlds can be a struggle.  Microsoft Flow can help.  It's an easy-to-use, intelligent workflow service allowing you to quickly create workflows, automating manual tasks that take a lot of our time.

Background Blurring in Teams

Video chat is a great way to have a very personal form of communication. But finding the right place for a professional video chat is not always easy. A new feature in Microsoft Teams allows you to blur your background while you're in a video chat. It helps your participants stay focused on you, not what's going on in the background.

Microsoft WHO Bot

Companies are becoming flatter and flatter. Finding the right person in your organizational hierarchy is a big challenge and very time-consuming. With "WHO", Microsoft's new bot, you can unlock your organizational structure to find the right person at the right time within moments. It saves you hours of searching by email or talking to supervisors or team members.

Microsoft FindTime

Scheduling meeting and coordinating calendars across different organizations is a pain. It's quite a big challenge to find the one magical hour that seems to work for everyone. Brian gives you a short intro to Microsoft "FindTime", a new Office 365 feature which will help you to reduce efforts and to have more time for being productive.

Microsoft To-Do

Staying on top of your ever changing to-do list isn't easy. Keeping on track across all devices is almost impossible. Microsoft "To-Do" might work for you. It's available for iOS and Android working for both MS Outlook and Office 365. Brian gives you a short intro to this this free app.

Microsoft Presentation Translator

You have a Power Point presentation that needs to be translated to a different language? Or you are presenting to a group that doesn't speak your language. You need the new "Microsoft Presentation Translator" for PowerPoint. Brian gives you a short intro to this plugin which translates your presentation and your voice on the fly.

About Brian

Brian Kainec is Director of Global Go-to-Market Presales at COMPAREX. He has over 20 years experience helping organizations worldwide navigate the constant shift in technology to drive the best digital transformation strategy.

Brian is always looking for new ways to find the personal value of technology solutions to help people improve collaboration and communication, work more efficiently and save time.

Brian Kainec

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