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Unified Cloud Management for Microsoft Azure

COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management for Azure gives you more control over your Azure costs by providing you with essential information and enables you to optimize Azure costs with advice and know-how.

Dashboards for full visibility and control over the usage and costs of your cloud services.

Regularly expert recommendations for cost optimization of your Azure usage.

With our support we give you the round-the-clock coverage you need to ensure maximum availability.

Your challenges are important to us

We know what it means to use Microsoft Azure in everyday business life. That's why we developed Unified Cloud Management for Azure to help you successfully tackle these challenges.

When I exceed my contract, I can’t assign the invoices from Microsoft to the real originator.

I have moved my virtual machines from on premises to Azure, but don't know if they are right sized and in use 24/7.

The Azure platform has more than 17,500 features. How do I know that I have chosen the right functionality and whom can I call if I have questions?

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Use Microsoft Azure with maximum security

and ensure transparent cost control.

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Service Offerings

Service Onboarding

You will be given advice on your Azure Governance structure and on setting up your cost management system. Furthermore, you will receive tagging recommendations. Together we will lay the foundation for cost control and optimization.

COMPAREX Service Manager

The Single Point Of Contact guarantees maximum satisfaction and outstanding service. It ensures that milestones are met, resources provided and problems are escalated.

24x7 Break-Fix-Support

You are backed by an experienced team. This is always based on a service level agreement tailored to your needs. Escalation path to Microsoft included.

Cost Management Dashboard

Use the insights to maximize control of your Azure expenses: Abnormal cost reporting, monthly or annual forecasting of Azure expenses, charge-back from costs to other departments and projects.

Cost optimization consulting

You are provided with tips and information on how to optimize your Azure expenses. Cut costs with recommendations for downsizing resources based on usage data or by turning off inactive resources.

Advisory hours

Draw on technical and architectural expertise to unlock the potential of new or customized Azure services, reduce costs, and improve service quality.

For Cost and Budget Managers

Maximum cost control with minimum risk

Through the use of our service, you can easily track where costs are incurred and how high they are.

Our cost management dashboards provide you with key figures at a glance:

  • Cloud utilization by the second
  • Current monthly and annual costs
  • Forecasting of Azure spending on a monthly and annual basis
  • Budgets incl. excess or abnormal behavior alerts
  • Costs by department and service by current month and year
  • Chargeback from costs to different departments and projects
  • Reports incl. cost savings recommendations with rightsizing
cost analysis manager

For IT Managers responsible for Implementation

We support you so that you can concentrate on core tasks

You can count on us to provide expert assistance that enables you to ensure that your Azure services operate optimally.

You will profit from these advantages among others:

  • 24x7 support to guarantee that your Azure services are available
  • Access to Azure expertise whenever your IT team needs help or a sparring partner - for example, when selecting new features or Azure services
  • Chargeback from costs to other departments and projects
  • Cost saving recommendations by downsizing or switching off resources based on usage data
IT Manager

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Use Microsoft Azure with maximum security

and ensure transparent cost control.


We underwent a thorough assessment with Microsoft to ensure that we are the right Azure partner.

The result:

COMPAREX possesses extraordinary expertise.
COMPAREX helps customers succeed.
COMPAREX invests in advanced support.
COMPAREX has proven employees, processes and technology.

We are focused on the key elements
IT is fast and complex. We take on that which prevents you from controlling your IT and running your processes efficiently.
We help you put your best foot forward
We increase your capabilities so you can get the most out of Microsoft Azure.
We play it safe
Our sophisticated assessment and migration services move your on-premise applications, data and infrastructure securely into the cloud.

Your companion on the journey through the cloud

Your journey through the cloud


In the assessment phase, you will receive change recommendations prior to migration, ensuring minimal downtime throughout the process.


In the migration phase we move your on-premise systems to Azure. We test intensively before go-live to avoid errors.


We analyze your code and make recommendations if an application needs to be migrated to PaaS, or a container, or adapted for Azure.

Managed Service

You will benefit from 24/7 break-fix support, advisory hours based on your needs and help from experts to manage and optimize your costs.

Everything at a glance

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