COMPAREX Cloud Consumption Monitoring

Gain control
of your cloud costs

Cloud Consumption Monitoring

Enjoy Transparent Cloud Usage, Optimized Expenses and Regain Control

Azure is a remarkably powerful cloud environment, but it can be hard to keep track of your usage, the resulting cost and its originator. Our experts can help you regain total control through cloud consumption budgeting. In the process, you’ll learn about the services you pay for and what you actually use too.

How will it help with cost transparency?

It can be very difficult to stay on top of plans, licenses, commitments, and consumed services or workloads. But with COMPAREX by your side, everything becomes effortless.

Will it offer any assistance with budget planning?

Our experts can advise how to assign consumption costs to cost centers and work out trends for reliable budget planning. 

What help will it bring to your cloud budget control?

Our monitoring service will show you how your actual cloud usage relates to all the workloads, licenses, seats, and Azure commitments that you pay for.

Transform insights into benefits: COMPAREX Cloud Consumption Monitoring

The complex technical environment of cloud services often makes it hard to keep track of Azure usage and control your costs. With our Cloud Consumption Monitoring service, you get the transparency you need for budget control, cloud cost optimization and reliable budget planning.


  • Overview of Azure consumption 
  • E-mail notifications on budget threshold
  • Charge back to cost centers

Cost optimization

  • Comparison of commitment to actual usage
  • Efficient use of cloud investments

Budget planning

  • Details about consumption per cost center
  • Trendlines about consumption development
  • Projection of consumption for budget planning
  • Avoid of unbudgeted invoices

How Does it Work?

1. Service onboarding

We’ll establish a connection between your cloud tenants and the COMPAREX platform.

2. Consumption management

The COMPAREX Dashboard displays consumption and usage in relation to your commitments and budgets. Plus a detailed overview about consumption per department, application or system.

Such cost transparency really enables you to cut your cloud expenses by adapting your Azure commitments to fit your needs.

Cloud Consumption Monitoring Dashboard
Overview of Azure consumption

You can also create automated e-mail threshold notifications to keep track of your Azure consumption rate, actively manage cloud budgets and avoid unplanned spending.

Email notification for individual triggers
E-mail notifications on budget threshold

3. Reliable budget planning

An overview of the five most expensive products in use helps you to plan your spending properly at cost center level.

Overview on the five most exensive products
Overview of the five most expensive products in use

Your trendline will show the development of consumption per cost center, and provide you with reliable operating figures to project future consumption and minimize the probability of unbudgeted invoices.

Development of cloud consumption
Projection of consumption development for budget planning

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