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Value and Inspiration Workshop for Office 365

At the COMPAREX Value Inspiration and Experience Workshop, you will see how Azure can increase your IT agility, accelerate your time to market and create new business opportunities. Experience Aha moments in a creative atmosphere.

What's in it for you?

True inspiration

VIEW is an inspiring workshop for business decision makers. You will discover how, with the different aspects of Microsoft Azure, you can achieve your business goals faster, easier, and more cost effectively.

Real added value

You will develop a deep understanding of how to best implement different Azure solutions. Video stories illustrate real business scenarios that can be used as a blueprint for your company.

High individuality

In the interactive workshop you will identify your personal challenges and needs. This will allow you to find answers and solutions for your personal business with Azure.

The workshop for business decision makers

Whether you are new to Azure or already have some basic knowledge: The VIEW workshop will introduce you to the business benefits of Azure and new inspiring ideas. And all of this is tailored to your personal needs. In addition, the VIEW workshop will give you new internal perspectives, because it brings together representatives from different areas in your company.

For Marketing Managers

With Azure, you can increase reachability and customer satisfaction on your website or portal.

For example, at high-performance times such as Christmas or Black Friday, boost the performance of your website or shop easily and quickly to the desired potential.

For Project Managers

With Azure-based solutions, you can significantly improve the time-to-market of your internal and external projects.

For example, you can implement the introduction of a new product much faster. Instead of long waiting times for IT resources, they are available at the click of a mouse.

For Managers of Operations

Azure offers you ways to improve your operational performance with the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

This allows you, for instance, to proactively maintain your machines and reduce downtimes.

For IT Managers and CIOs

Azure IaaS reduces the maintenance of your hardware, and Azure PaaS eliminates the management of your operating system and databases.

As a result, your IT team will have more time for your core business and innovative projects such as the Internet of Things.

Everything at a glance

Download a free overview.

So you always have all the advantages of VIEW at your fingertips.

Creating added value methodically

Our workshop methodology will help you discover and identify exactly what advantages Microsoft Azure can offer you to increase your personal and company's success. To this end, we will go through 5 phases in the workshop together.

Identification and Evaluation
First, we discuss your current business challenges such as missing agility and time to market for new products or projects.

Strategic Change
You understand how Azure solutions can help you optimize your business step by step. Our special methodology makes it easy for you to categorize the available Azure solutions to meet your different challenges.

Visual Inspiration
Value Scenario Videos use a fictitious company as an example to show how you can master your challenges with the help of Containers, Virtual Machines/Networking, Storage/ Backup/ Disaster Recovery, Websites/E-commerce, IoT or AI in Azure.

Profitable exchange of ideas
As part of the Canvas methodology, there will be lively discussion how Azure solutions best suit your personal challenges - in terms of cost, time, risk mitigation and added value.

Everything at a glance
You will receive an overview which summarizes all important features, their advantages and values.

What others say about the COMPAREX VIEW workshops

"I was very excited by how a short video inspired me. So I got into the core of the content quickly. Well done, more please."

Ulf Vollmer
Head of Compliance, METRO AG

"This workshop is the best way to understand how I can implement the solutions in my company because I see the business value.

Carlos Bellasteros
Head of Service, Group Protege

"Think differently! This workshop improved my knowledge about cloud and digital transformation."

Neto Rodrigues
IT Director, Linx


We underwent a thorough assessment with Microsoft to ensure that we are the right Azure partner.

The result:

COMPAREX possesses extraordinary expertise.
COMPAREX helps customers succeed.
COMPAREX invests in advanced support.
COMPAREX has proven employees, processes and technology.

We are focused on the key elements
IT is fast and complex. We take on that which prevents you from controlling your IT and running your processes efficiently.

We help you put your best foot forward
We increase your capabilities so you can get the most out of Microsoft Azure.

We play it safe
Our sophisticated assessment and migration services move your on-premise applications, data and infrastructure securely into the cloud.

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