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and Smarter Operations

COMPAREX Cost Optimization Advisory

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Cost optimization can be a significant challenge for organizations once they’ve made the transition to the cloud. Finding the right solution requires the introduction of policies and controls that help drive efficiencies, while also supporting your wider modernization agenda.

What can you do to reduce costs?

Throughout a cloud project opportunities will exist to deliver measurable cost-efficiencies

How to ensure the right tools are being used?

As usage levels are assessed, better tools can become available for meeting user demand

Where to measure best practice?

Knowing the ideal approach is vital for extracting maximum value from any investment

With Cost Optimization Advisory your business can assess, analyze, and act on utilization insights across the cloud environment. You’ll be able to ask key questions of the deployed infrastructure, identify opportunities to improve performance, and receive the guidance needed to reduce costs.

More Effective Work and Reduced Costs with Microsoft Azure

“Our company likes to implement the latest technologies. This helps to make our work more effective. Thanks to our cooperation with COMPAREX, we have a well-established ERP system in place, and our key IT services are based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This has allowed us to cut costs spent on purchasing and upgrading our physical servers, relieved the workload for our IT department, and heightened security by allowing us to store backups of all our data."

COMPAREX Case Study: AGROTRADE Group Sergiy Orlov IT Director, AGROTRADE Group, Ukraine

Delivering cost efficiencies without losing productivity

Act on accurate usage data

  • Monitor business spend on all selected resources
  • Develop a cost-optimization plan tailored to your needs
  • Determine opportunities for driving operational efficiencies
Choose the rigth tool

Run smarter operations

  • Automatic VM deactivation on machines not needed to remain permanently on
  • Use ‘Reserved Instances’ to pre-pay for access to virtual machines
  • Exploit one or three-year pre-pay options to gain discounts on resources used

Balance resources with demand

  • Check the machines you’re running are only as powerful as they need to be
  • Align processing and storage resources to the tasks that need to be completed
  • Expand and contracts resource availability in line with actual business demand
Speed and Control

Master the art of governance

  • Manage various Azure cloud resources at scale
  • Organize and structure subscriptions to ensure compliance with entitlements
  • Define, audit, and remediate your resources for complete reassurance


With services based on years of experience and functional expertize, COMPAREX cloud specialists can work with you to identify and implement an effective strategy for cloud infrastructure efficiency. Our approach is to analyze your objectives, use the results to define your cloud computing needs, and then build a plan to get you to this ‘ideal state’. Along the way we’ll help fine-tune performance, and highlight different opportunities for delivering cost efficiencies.

Achieve up to 72% in cost savings

Implementing cost saving solutions such as ‘Reserved Instances’ can lead to a significant cut in cloud spending.

Ensure you have the right tool for the job

Choose the VMs for the tasks at hand, and avoid spending more for processing power that’s not needed.

Introduce all the speed and control you need

With governance concepts and services, subscriptions can be organized and structured in the most logical way possible.

Trust the Experts

It can be easy to get lost in the ever-growing range of possibilities offered by Microsoft Azure. But as a Gold Microsoft Partner and an Azure Expert MSP (Managed Service Provider), you can rely on the skills and capabilities of COMPAREX to guide your migration journey.  What’s more, we’re proud to be part of a select program of partners tasked with creating high impact MSP offers for Azure partners. This represents not only another certification, but also serves to confirm our position as a key influencer of modern and future strategies for digital transformation. 

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