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Identifying an ideal path to cloud migration involves a variety of interconnected business factors, as well as the careful auditing and preparation of existing workloads, processes, and applications. That’s why it helps to have expert support and advice to call upon when assessing the right tools, introducing best practice, and removing complexity – to ensure you realize the full cost benefits available.

Our knowledge and expertise

What knowledge and expertise do you need?

Specialist advice is vital for architecting a cloud infrastructure in line with existing applications and business demand

Minimize the risk of downtime

How can you minimize the risk of downtime?

No organization wants to experience interruptions to mission-critical systems during the migration process

The best place to start

Where is the best place to start?

A carefully planned deployment helps remove much of the complexity associated with a cloud migration

COMPAREX Cloud Migration is a service that helps you determine the best cloud migration and modernization strategy for your business. With the skills and capabilities at our disposal, we can join your cloud journey at any stage – from initial Cloud Assessment, to delivering a smooth migration process. As a result, you’ll be able to select the right infrastructure with confidence, estimate total costs with accuracy, and identify the most suitable deployment schedule – be that an ‘all in one’ approach or one workload/application at a time.

Supporting your ambition

Delivering the ideal Cloud migration path

Option 1: Rehost

  • ‘Lift and shift’ workloads not considered business critical
  • Avoid the need to implement complex code changes
  • Re-architect other workloads thereby transforming them into services

Option 2: Refactor

  • Deliver full cost optimization 
  • Modify apps to take full advantage of cloud-native features
  • Utilize IaaS and PaaS products such as Azure App Service and Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

Option 3: Rearchitect

  • Modify your apps code base to scale and optimize them for the Cloud
  • Modernize apps into a resilient, scalable, and independently deployable architecture
  • Use Azure to accelerate the process, scale apps, and manage workloads with ease

Option 4: Rebuild

  • Rebuild legacy apps from scratch using cloud-native technologies
  • Gain a complete development environment without the expense of licenses
  • Manage the apps you develop, with Azure managing everything else

More Effective Work and Reduced Costs with Microsoft Azure

“Our company likes to implement the latest technologies. This helps to make our work more effective. Thanks to our cooperation with COMPAREX, we have a well-established ERP system in place, and our key IT services are based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This has allowed us to cut costs spent on purchasing and upgrading our physical servers, relieved the workload for our IT department, and heightened security by allowing us to store backups of all our data."

COMPAREX Case Study: AGROTRADE Group Sergiy Orlov IT Director, AGROTRADE Group, Ukraine


With years of experience under our belt, COMPAREX is a trusted Cloud provider and technology partner for many of the world’s leading organizations. Our specialists combine a broad range of skills with Cloud migration best practice to ensure every deployment is aligned with business expectations. So whether you’re trying to define an ideal migration path, struggling with the complexities involved, or looking for a flexible system to accommodate ever-changing requirements, you can rely on us to deliver the solution.

Why COMPAREX - because we’re focused on your goals

We’re focused on your goals

We work with organizations to create solutions that fit perfectly with their operational, strategic, and financial objectives. 

Why COMPAREX - Because our know-how is extensive

Our know-how is extensive

We’re highly experienced in all forms of Cloud management, and are certified experts across a range of deployment platforms.

Why COMPAREX - We always put security first

We always put security first

Effective protection is obviously a number one priority when talking Cloud, and we can guarantee a secure migration journey.

Trust the Experts

Partner Status - Microsoft Partner Azure Expert MSP

It can be easy to get lost in the ever-growing range of possibilities offered by Microsoft Azure. But as a Gold Microsoft Partner and an Azure Expert MSP (Managed Service Provider), you can rely on the skills and capabilities of COMPAREX to guide your migration journey.  What’s more, we’re proud to be part of a select program of partners tasked with creating high impact MSP offers for Azure partners. This represents not only another certification, but also serves to confirm our position as a key influencer of modern and future strategies for digital transformation. 

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