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Cloud Assessment

Define and Implement Your Ideal Roadmap to the Cloud

Cloud migrations are an essential component to many business strategies. But it can be a difficult journey to finding your ideal architecture, with any mistakes having the potential to disrupt day-to-day operations.

What to do with your current processes?

Moving off-premise could require even the most established workflows to be redefined from scratch

How to address any knowledge gaps?

Any cloud deployment raises questions of in-house skills and the experience levels available to the business

Where to focus your security efforts?

Migrating data and processes can only be done confidently if effective protection is put in place

With our Cloud Assessment service you receive specialist support for evaluating the state of your IT infrastructure, and its readiness ahead of any migration project. From this analysis you’ll have the recommendations and roadmap needed to chart a relevant and cost-effective journey to the cloud.

Cloud Computing (Microsoft Azure) and Licensing (Microsoft SPLA)

"To maximize our investment, we needed to hire expertise from outside our organization. We engaged with COMPAREX because they have a wealth of experience in software licensing and Microsoft Azure. This allowed us to fully understand our licensing options and cloud usage going forward."

Optima Energy Systems logo Paul Healey Director, Optima Energy Systems, UK

Define your ideal roadmap to the Cloud

Set the right objectives

  • Quantify the business benefits of increased security, availability, and efficiency
  • Identify opportunities to optimize the cost of managing your service
  • Confirm required changes to existing business models, processes, and IT strategies

Determine what ‘good’ looks like

  • Build and evaluate your cloud roadmap to incorporate right capabilities/right price
  • Analyze the performance of existing services to better anticipate demand
  • Identify workloads and processes that can be optimized through cloud computing

Deliver a best practice migration plan

  • Create a complete strategy for moving your apps and critical resources to the cloud
  • Develop a migration plan and map it to key points within the hosting platform
  • Define the success measures that will guide development of the cloud architecture

Manage the move with confidence

  • Complete the migration process while minimizing any business disruption
  • Activate the storage resources needed to mitigate services and workloads
  • Monitor and test the cloud environment during every step of the process

Once the migration plan has been designed and implemented, we’ll next propose a plan to help optimize the cloud architecture in line with your unique operational needs. Read our Cloud Migration page for more details. 

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