Leverage the right infrastructures

Build, Migrate, Empower

Infrastructure and Apps

Build your Business’ Cloud Foundation

Empower your end users with a modern digital infrastructure that brings together production platforms, data centers, virtualization and automation in the cloud – alongside an on-demand IT utility model.

Will a business cloud create new capabilities?

A business cloud will give your company fully automated, self-service enabled IT platform. Added to this, it also creates network automation.

What will happen to your legacy software?

With a business cloud transformation, we’ll make sure that all your all your old mainframe apps are ported to the new platform without risk.

Who makes sure everything goes smoothly? 

Our experts are with you throughout the transition and afterwards. They’ll be in complete control of implementing and managing all the policies - giving you total peace of mind.

Deliver your fit-for-purpose cloud infrastructure

You know what the business expects. You also know the promise of cloud infrastructures, and the scale, economy, and time-to-market benefits they offer. Our goal at COMPAREX is simply to bring this potential to life. That’s why we’ve developed a fully end-to-end range of services to help you effectively migrate workloads to the cloud, to modernize legacy apps, and to embrace both the ‘as a service’ and self-service models – without putting core business services at risk.

Of course, you have your own unique cloud journey to progress. That’s why we make it simple for you to take advantage of our capabilities in on-premise platforms, PaaS and SaaS – irrespective of your current ‘cloud maturity’ level.

As a result, with the COMPAREX as a platform offering you can quickly gain a detailed understanding of the way your business consumes IT services; how to develop an architecture that’s aligned to this usage; and how to arrange cost effective access to the latest market-leading software.

Build your Platform

  • Identify and leverage the right infrastructures for delivering your business’ technology roadmap
  • Extend the value being delivered by legacy apps and data by migrating them to new ‘as a service’ platforms
  • Enhance your product development capacity to inspire more mobile and specialized services

Build your Capabilities

  • Introduce greater automation and self-service functionality to boost IT performance
  • Define and address the risks associated with moving workflows into the cloud
  • Deliver security, availability, and performance while maintaining complete visibility and control

How We Can Help

COMPAREX can help you align your IT infrastructure to the tasks it needs to complete:

Planning and Implementation

With insights and guidance on how you can fully realize the possibilities presented by cloud technologies. Need support in defining, planning, and implementing your new infrastructure? Then COMPAREX can work with you to manage the entire process from conception to delivery.

Speed and Control

Application Development and Roll-out

We can also help you successfully undertake individual app development projects, and to complete them in a rapid and agile manner. Our software architects can work as part of your team to turn ideas for highly specialized apps and mobile functionality into reality.

Infrastructure Support

Our professional support services cover ‘traditional’ IT infrastructure, as well as your private/hybrid/public cloud taskdeployment. We’re also experts in securing workloads, while our 24/7 multivendor helpdesk provides expertise in solutions ranging from Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to VMWare SDDC and Citrix.

Technology Support

As a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP and AWS Consulting Partner, COMPAREX can be relied upon to offer best practice insights when implementing either of their cloud platforms. In addition, with COMPAREX Managed Services you can structure any engagement to achieve the right balance between outsourcing and in-house operations. That means you can benefit from the smooth, secure operation of your IT infrastructure – while maintaining effective control.

Cloud Solutions and Services

Solutions that Scale and Secure the Cloud

Deliver both the service agility and efficiency providing an on-demand cloud infrastructure that’s perfectly aligned to your strategy.

Let COMPAREX Help You Migrate

Choose cost efficient configuration for you cloud infrastructure and migrate seamlessly using best practices.

Managed Services

Safeguard the long-term availability of your cloud technologies and monitor the effectiveness of your security and compliance arrangements.

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