Case Study: BULRPOS Bulgaria

Software Portfolio Management Service incl. Implementation of Portfolio Management Platform

BULPROS is an innovative provider of global IT and BPO services, solutions, and products. It is one of the fastest-growing technology companies in its field; among other distinctions, it was included in the latest "Technology Fast 50 in CE" Deloitte ranking, the "Technology Fast 500 in Europe, Middle East, and Africa’ program, the Inc. 5,000 Europe list, and the Financial Times 1,000 Europe list, and was named in McKinsey’s 2018 report ‘The rise of Digital Challengers."

BULPROS focuses on providing cloud, support, industry digitalization, cyber security, digital workspace, technology, and sales services. The company has extensive vertical expertise in the financial and professional services, telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail industries. BULPROS operates on a global scale, has more than 19 offices located throughout Europe and North America, and employs a team of over 1,200 experts and consultants.

Customer: Bulpros Consulting AD

Undustry: IT

Solution: Software Portfolio Management Service incl. Implementation of Portfolio Management Platform

Project Duration: March 2018 - May 2020

Case Study: BULPROS

Since BULPROS provides a wide range of services to its customers, the company relies upon a broad range of hardware and software products. Moreover, the company keeps acquiring more and more software products to help meet its customers’ requirements. Managing this complex software environment became very difficult, and required a great deal of time and resources. Meanwhile, the company places great stock in keeping the costs of software license purchases and operations stable.

The main tasks and objectives of the company’s IT management were to heighten security by updating the wide range of software installations in place, as well as to detect and remove suspicious, undesired, and non-business relevant software

COMPAREX, A SoftwareONE Company, organized a workshop with the key BULPROS stakeholders to identify the company’s most critical challenges. COMPAREX consultants then used the information provided during this workshop to design and implement the Portfolio Management Platform, a database that provides BULPROS with information on its software in keeping with the company’s needs. A daily scan is performed using the COMPAREX Inventory Tool to detect all of the software the company has installed. This data is analyzed, enriched with further information, then qualified with the help of the COMPAREX Profiler. Finally, COMPAREX prepares the data in the form of daily ‘Quick Win’ reports and presents it to the customer with the help of the COMPAREX Dashboard.

Continuous transparency

  • Direct overview of the used software per vendor
  • List of the software that offer the same functions with the potential for standardization
  • Recognition and evaluation of potentials and risks

Optimization of operating costs

  • Detailed list and analysis of the installed patch levels
  • Maintenance contract optimization

Revealed security gaps

  •   Overview of software of leading vendors that is no longer supported

Based on the consolidated and qualified information BULPROS receives now from the Portfolio Management Platform on a daily basis, the company is able to optimize its software costs, to significantly reduce security risks and to ensure continuous transparency and control over its software. Since BULPROS is very satisfied with the service, the company began considering the option of integrating additional COMPAREX services.

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