More Effective Work And Cut Costs With Microsoft Azure

“Our company likes to implement the latest technologies. This helps to make our work more effective. Thanks to our cooperation with COMPAREX, we have a well-established ERP system in place, and our key IT services are based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This has allowed us to cut costs spent on purchasing and upgrading our physical servers, relieved the workload for our IT department, and heightened security by allowing us to store backups of all our data.” Download the Case Study (PDF)

Sergiy Orlov IT Director of AGROTRADE Group

AGROTRADE Group is a vertically integrated holding company with more than 30 sites in the Ukraine that covers a closed agricultural production cycle encompassing agricultural production, processing, storage, and trade. The company is a leading seed producer in Ukraine; it owns seed farms in the country’s Sumy and Kharkiv regions. These farms produce quality seeds for domestic and foreign crops. The holding company handles over 70,000 hectares of land in the Chernigov, Sumy, Poltava and Kharkiv regions. As a result, the company numbers among the top ten Ukrainian grain traders and controls 3 percent of the grain export market.

Customer: AGROTRADE Group

Industry: Agriculture


  • Migration to Microsoft Azure IaaS and
  • Microsoft Office 365

Project Duration: May – August 2016


In 2016, after conducting a thorough analysis of its IT infrastructure, AGROTRADE decided to migrate its entire ERP system and mailing system to the cloud. The company’s IT department ultimately chose to use Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Microsoft Office 365 to this end.

Since AGROTRADE was facing increasing hardware costs for its physical servers, the company chose Azure as its central hosting platform to cut costs for hardware and complex administration. The company was also interested in a single, central communication platform that would integrate all required services and improve collaboration and security. For those reasons, MS Office 365 was the preferred solution.

Finally, AGROTRADE chose COMPAREX Ukraine as a supplier and partner based on its expert knowledge of Office 365 solutions.

COMPAREX migrated AGROTRADE’s mail system, encompassing 500 mailboxes, to MS Exchange Online, seamlessly and on schedule. Microsoft Office 365 provides a variety of features; COMPAREX deployed Skype for Business, SharePoint Online and OneDrive to help simplify and consolidate AGROTRADE’s current technology into a single platform.Although the implementation process posed a few challenges, COMPAREX successfully completed this part of the project in time.

Moving forward, COMPAREX migrated the ERP system to Azure so that AGROTRADE could streamline and more easily manage its business processes in the cloud, thereby enjoying a more flexible, scalable, and secure environment. COMPAREX also trained AGROTRADE‘s IT staff and end users in Office 365 applications.

  • Savings on IT costs, especially the costs of buying, upgrading, and managing physical servers
  • Reduced workload for the IT department and saved resources through easier administration and control of the Azure platform
  • Considerable improvements made in terms of efficiency, communication, and cooperation through equipping AGROTRADE‘s staff with modern technology and Office 365 applications
  • Heightened security for data storage and backup by moving the entire IT infrastructure into the cloud
  • High availability and fault tolerance for AGROTRADE’s IT services and applications
  • Better workloads continuity for more than 30 sites connected by Azure Virtual Network

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