Case Study:  Vlaams-Brabant West Fire Department Zone

Transparency Through SAM, a Valuable Investment

“I would recommend this kind of project to everyone. We now have a complete overview of our entire IT environment, including hardware and software as well as the required licenses. We’ve made a manageable, valuable investment and now enjoy full control of our budget as a result.” Download the case study

Joeri Jacobs, System Administrator Fire Department Zone Vlaams-Brabant West, Belgium

The Vlaams-Brabant West Fire Department Zone, a group of regional public service providers that includes fire brigades and emergency responders, is located in the Western part of Flemish Brabant (Vlaams-Brabant), a region of Belgium. It is one of 35 emergency service zones in Belgium and was established in 2015 when municipal fire brigades were merged to form a more centralized organization. A total of nine fire stations are distributed throughout the area covered by the Vlaams-Brabant West Fire Department (FD) Zone, employing 600 people in total. The Vlaams-Brabant West FD Zone covers 33 municipalities and serves a total of 600,000 civilians.

Customer: Vlaams-Brabant West Fire Department Zone

Industry: Public Services

Solution: Software Asset Management, Snow Software

Project Duration: May - September 2017

Case Study: Vlaams-Brabant West Fire Department Zone

“It’s almost impossible for IT admins to keep an eye on every licensing model. Nowadays, you need an expert to guide you through the pitfalls of software licensing”, says Joeri Jacobs, System Administrator for the Vlaams-Brabant West FD Zone. Merging all the municipal fire brigades created various challenges in terms of hardware and software. Immediately following the merger, the zone comprised 600 users and 200 desktops. “There was only one department with an accessible inventory”, says Jacobs, adding, “We didn’t know which licenses were installed, or if those licenses were being used. Consequently, we sought a partner with excellent expertise in software asset management. That’s where COMPAREX and Snow Software came in.”

After comparing various SAM tools, COMPAREX suggested using Snow Software’s inventory tool. This provides an overview of the hardware and software inventory as well as of which products are actually being used. COMPAREX will then use this information to develop a licensing policy that ensures the Vlaams-Brabant West FD Zone will only pay for what it needs.

“We’ve taken inventory, but we won’t stop there”, says Dimitri Sienaert, SAM Solution Advisor at COMPAREX. “We can now proceed to consolidate licensing contracts and suggest removing redundant or even incompatible software, which will lead to significant cost savings in the future.”

  • Complete overview of all assets including hardware configuration, software deployment, and software usage
  • Complete overview of which software licenses are actually required
  • Avoidance of audit penalties through ensured compliance
  • Significant cost savings and budget control thanks to needs-based software procurement and usage

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