Much More Flexible With Microsoft Office 365!

“Our company is constantly developing and growing, and in this context we need to ensure that our software meets upcoming requirements. This year we purchased from COMPAREX Kazakhstan 250 licenses of Microsoft 365. When we compare our previous version of Microsoft Office with Office365, Office 365 is much more flexible because it is no longer tied to any device, but to the user. […] This is only the first year in which we use Office365 and we are fully satisfied with its functionality. In connection with new projects and the expansion of our company, we plan to purchase more licenses next year.”

Kenzhebulatova Samal Server Maintenance Specialist , MSS, Kazakhstan

MontazhSpetsStroy was founded in 1994 and makes its main business in the fields of engineering, construction, manufacturing, delivery and commissioning. MontazhSpetsStroy is currently represented in several cities of Kazakhstan e.g. Aktau, Atyrau, Aksay. And has about 1,000 employees.

Customer: MCC MontazhSpetsStroy, Kazakhstan

Industry: Industry

Services: Cloud Computing and MS Office 365

Case Study: MCC MontazhSpetsStroy

As a constantly developing and growing company, MSS MontazhSpetsStroy had to ensure that its software meets all upcoming requirements. When they decided to step into the cloud with Microsoft Office 365, MSS were looking for a partner with licensing expertise and asked COMPAREX for support.

COMPAREX provided MSS with support in procurement and licensing of 250 Microsoft 365 licenses.

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See how MSS takes benefit from Microsoft Office 365 in the video.

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