Mustafa Kara

Mustafa Kara is a Technical Manager at COMPAREX Turkey with 15 years of experience in enterprise workloads and technical expertise on the business as well as technical value side of cloud service models and architectures. He has received seven Microsoft MVP and three Microsoft Azure MVP awards. He also holds an AWS Solution Architect certificate. As a thought leader in IT Infrastructure in his region, Kara regularly speaks at industry events and publishes blogs and white papers for the Microsoft technical community. Follow Mustafa on LinkedIn or Twitter .

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Increase Cloud Security with new Azure JIT VM Access

With increased cyber attacks in recent years, Cyber Security has become one of the most important topics in the information technologies world. As Cloud services are gaining popularity, hackers are now also turning their attention to…


Update Management is the Key

Ransomware attacks, e.g. CryptoLocker or WannaCry, had serious consequences for companies. They didn't manage their updates or patches properly. Microsoft’s Update Management function helps.