Mukul Chopra

Strategic technology & business Leader who leverages technology and digital assets to build value, drive growth, increase productivity, generate revenues, secure data and build an organizational culture that embraces technological change. Delivers solution-oriented programs by leveraging 20 years of global experience on 3 continents and in many diverse sectors including nonprofit, research, real-estate, hospitality and healthcare. Implements game-changing projects and programs as a thought-leader and persistent problem solver; acts as collaborative change agent architecting value-driven solutions and ground-breaking partnerships that fuel growth creating a shared vision for successful enterprise outcomes. Follow Mukul on Twitter or LinkedIn .
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The 5 Biggest Cyber-Security Challenges in 2019

As we become more digitally connected, the more vulnerable we are becoming. Anything that is connected is a target. The number of breaches in 2018 reached staggering proportions. With a multitude of new attack vectors, 2019 promises to be…


Digital Privacy Laws: How Europe Protects Your Online Data Differently than the U.S.

Both Europe and the U.S. are facing far-reaching changes regarding digital privacy laws. We shed some light on the main differences between digital privacy laws in Europe and the U.S. and explains what multinational companies operating on…


Ransomware: To Pay or Not to Pay?

This week, the barrage of ransomware has once again reached global proportions. Knowing which systems are vulnerable, is therefore a key insight.


The 5 Biggest Security Concerns after “WannaCry”

After „WannaCry“ had a global impact of the cyberthreat and showed the extreme vulnerability of key industries, we have figured out the five biggest IT-Security concerns.