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What is SAM & Why do Most Consider it a Bad Word?

Software Asset Management is commonly insinuated as Vendor Auditing of Software. But stop, it's not negative and costly experience as a lot of us think. Software Asset Management isn’t a bad word at all!


End of Support For SQL And Windows Server 2008

There will be no more security updates for Windows Server 2008 in future. So do you have to worry about the next cyberattack? Not at all! Our experts outline the pros and cons of various solutions and explain why you do not necessarily have…


Microsoft's GitHub Acquisition And The Consequences For The Open Source Community

Microsoft’s takeover of the developer platform GitHub sent shockwaves through the global software programming scene. Is this the end of truly free open source software? Or is Microsoft even placing a question mark above its own proprietary…


Five Licensing Blind Spots For CIOs to be Aware of

Every organization has them: ‘blind spots’ in their IT environment. They make Software Asset Management and adequate software licensing a substantial challenge. Discover the top 5 blind spots to watch.


Microsoft Office 2019 News

Microsoft announced in early February that Office 2019 will only run on Windows 10 in future. But that’s not all: Microsoft also revealed changes for Windows 10 and Office 365 as well. We’ve summarized the most important facts for you.