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The Agony of Choice: Why Decision Making has Become so Difficult for Companies

  • Peter Nowak
  • Change Management, IT-Business
  • Decision Making
  • March 26, 2019

In a rapidly changing world decision making is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses. Our expert sheds some light on the process of company transformation.


How to Adapt to Changes in IT

  • Peter Nowak
  • Change Management
  • Tips, Azure
  • March 19, 2019

All of us encounter change in some way or other on a daily basis – the pertinent question is actually how it influences us. After all, each of us experiences change in different ways, and it crops up in varying frequencies as well. Some feel…


Change Management – the CIO’s Currency of the Future

Since technology leaders are the impetus for most of this change, they are blamed for too much too fast, leading to change fatigue in their companies.