Optimizing Your Cloud
Accelerating After Azure Adoption

Optimizing the Cloud: Adopting Azure Equals Acceleration

By now, modern businesses are, on the whole, familiar with the advantages of the cloud and how it can benefit their organization – but it can be a little overwhelming kicking off a platform like Azure and getting it just right. Read in today’s article how COMPAREX can support your business to get the most out of Azure.

The information technology research and advisory company 451 Research has stated that more than two-thirds of businesses now expect to operate within a multi-cloud environment by 2019. As such, the rate of adoption of public cloud services continues to increase among enterprises, with businesses likely to choose between the top three providers: AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google.

Despite the fact that 90 per cent of Fortune 500 businesses running on Azure (of which 75 percent use at least three Microsoft cloud enterprise services), how to manage a cloud investment can elude many IT managers. They often lack the time to delve into intricacies like log analytics or site recovery, and simply want a platform that makes their lives easier at low cost.

Optimizing Cloud: Accelerating after Azure Adoption

IT teams need a holistic view of their cloud ecosystem, with the ability to spot usage trends and track spend – to ensure an Azure investment delivers true benefits.

Optimizing Cloud: Accelerating after Azure Adoption

Curbing Cloud Costs

When it comes to paying for cloud, many IT decision makers struggle to decide between pay-as-you-go or fixed tariff – or even a pay-upfront model. Microsoft, for example, offers discounts to enterprises paying for Azure upfront. However, depending on organization size, an Enterprise Agreement can be a more cost-effective option. This can result in organizations missing the opportunity to make savings, due to a fear of either not having enough or having too much cloud capacity.

Accurately forecasting expenses, based on concrete knowledge of consumption metrics not only helps teams justify cloud costs to the boardroom, but also means cloud use is optimized for the need of the business and works as an advantage rather than a burden.

Kick-start your cloud

To achieve this, organizations often need a little help, and an Azure Jumpstart Workshop could be an ideal starting point. COMPAREX cloud specialists can visit any office and show IT teams how to best understand and optimize their Azure environment, providing information on how to leverage Azure and its applications to meet business goals.

s an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider , COMPAREX is well positioned to help businesses get the most from their Azure investment. Moreover, our popular managed service, Unified Cloud Management , specifically for Azure.

Optimizing Cloud: Accelerating after Azure Adoption

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