Effectively And Automatically Manage Your Data

Effective And Automated Data Management: Challenges, Solutions & Tools

Effective Data Management: Which tasks must a tool fulfil?

A variety of tools are needed with which the data can be

1. Localized, irrespective of whether this means emails or files or whether the information is kept at a local storage location, in a data center or in a cloud environment.

2. Indexed, classified and therefore made searchable.

Once the company is familiar with the data and its contents, it is necessary to 3. implement standardized storage and data minimization in the meaning of the GDPR. The crux of the matter is to root out duplicate datasets from multiple sources in a variety of storage locations, transfer them to a central archive storage and to manage them there. Familiarity with the current data simplifies the search for information in the case of an audit. It is also possible to define policies and configure the system to ensure compliance and audit-proofing.

Effective and automated data management: challenges, solutions and tools
Fig. 1 The tasks of a data management tool; source: Veritas

In turn, this guarantees 4. protection of the data from changes and hence keeps the company safe.

Data and information are in a constant state of flux, which makes it 5. imperative to repeat and monitor all procedures.

The best way to satisfy all these requirements does not have to be complicated! These issues are easiest to deal with using a suite that brings together all the relevant products.

One way to ensure automated data management

Veritas has continued to upgrade its archiving solution Enterprise Vault for over 20 years, and it has been reliably ranked among the top solutions year for year. Until just recently, the solutions for email management, file system archiving, SharePoint archiving and classification were offered as separate products with different licensing options.

Now Veritas has released the EV Suite, which unites all of the individual components to ensure automated data management.

  • E-Mail Management
  • Supervision (Journaling + Compliance Accelerator)
  • Archive Discovery (Journaling + Discovery Accelerator)+
  • Classification/Retention
  • IM Archiving (Skype for Business)
  • File Governance (File System Archiving /SharePoint Archiving und Data Insight)
  • Legacy Email Ingest

Simply application

EV Suite is licensed simply and easily on a per-user basis. This grants full access to all components of the suite. The data volume is now irrelevant in regard to file and SharePoint archiving, which protects investments regardless of the steady rise in the quantities of data.

The EV Suite components can be rolled out incrementally and are administrated using a Management Interface. Once archiving has been configured, it will usually run automatically in the background without the user having to deal with any kind of admin tasks. Users will not need much training, as only minimal changes are made to the current system environment, therefore boosting user acceptance and ensuring that the Enterprise Vault Suite delivers noticeable value added.

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Leipzig, 08 / 21 / 2018


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