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How to Learn From Your Customers

Understanding Your Customers with Adobe Analytics

Knowing users is more important than ever before if companies wish to successfully position their products and services with the right group of customers. What kind of information are they looking for, which decisions are they currently making, and how and where do they consume content? Adobe Analytics helps you to locate precisely this kind of information and to understand user behavior. This article shows how Adobe Analytics supports you in getting to know your customers. 

Provide value-added information where your customers are looking for it

I’ve just built a house. Naturally, the construction company carried the overall responsibility. But I still spent lots of time researching the Internet, downloading information brochures, subscribing to newsletters and browsing through web shops. I was looking for do-it-yourself instructions to lay tiles. I also wanted to know what information I had to report to which authority after moving. If that weren’t enough, we needed new furniture and my wife was keen to find some initial inspiration for designing the garden.

This was a perfect opportunity for DIY stores, garden centers, furniture stores and relevant online shops to show me their products and some interesting added value. Provided they noticed that I was actively looking for all of this information. From time to time, I did come across a few advertising banners by companies whose websites I’d visited a few days before. But they were the exception. Many companies did not use the opportunity to offer me their services.

Business may take a nosedive if this happens frequently or if companies are lacking a digital strategy to recruit customers and foster their loyalty. It’s impossible for companies to have remained blissfully unaware that potential customers scour the Internet. Most providers have also realized that customers use the net for more than just reading material. Instead, customers want information with additional benefits that are helpful in their personal life situations. They want to sense that providers know what they currently need. Besides the content, they want to be able to access information on any device, at any time, and wherever they happen to be.

Learn more about your customers based on their online habits

No matter whether your customers are consumers or companies, you should know who they are. And you would be well advised to do it as quickly as possible if you are still lagging behind in this department. Your customer care and service staff can do it easily at the point-of-sale. But it’s far more efficient and above all more comprehensive if your prospective customers provide their data voluntarily and free of charge, for instance on the company website, in the web shop, in newsletters and on social networks.

Adobe Analytics: What you can learn about your customers

With every click, they show you:

  • what interests them,
  • where they come from,
  • whether they prefer to read texts or watch videos,
  • which device they prefer to use.

You might even learn their age or other circumstances of their lives that would interest the marketers. But you will only be able to put together personalized content that interests your prospective customers – at the right time and on the right channel – if you collect and analyze this information and possibly enrich it with data from other sources.

And although I have already moved into my new home, I continue to search the Internet. We still need lamps, pictures, rugs … and maybe we’ll have to refurnish a room later on. So providers will have a second, third and even fourth opportunity.

Leipzig, 01/26/2018


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