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Season's Greetings

3D Holiday Greetings – The COMPAREX Hologram

The first Christmas cards start to arrive bang on time for the start of December. This year’sChristmas greetings from COMPAREX will come in a three-dimensional form. Yes, you read correctly: in 3D!

But it will take a bit of handicrafts to decipher our holiday message. Everything you need to get the job done is usually lying around inthe office or in the drawer of your desk at home. It takesonly five easy steps to build your own hologram projector. So unpack the scissors and get going!

What you need

  1. a transparent and stable plastic envelope from a loose-leaf binder (as clear as possible, not opaque)
  2. a printed copy of thehandicrafts template
  3. a ruler
  4. transparent sticky tape
  5. a pen
  6. scissors
  7. a smartphone or tablet

This is what you need

What to do

Just follow the 5 steps below to easily create and test the hologram projector for your smartphone or tablet.

Step 1

Download the template, print it and cut it out.

Step 2

Separate the plastic film from the loose-leaf binder. Place it on top of the printed handicrafts template and use a water-soluble pen and a ruler to trace the lines.

Tipp:The hologram projector will last longer if the plastic film is robust.

Step 3

Cut the plastic film along your traced lines.

Step 4

Fold the plastic film along the 4.5 cm lines. Place one of the two loose ends (4.5 cm) on top of the other and fix them together with the transparent sticky tape. Use water to wash off any ink residue – your hologram projector is all set to go.

Step 5

Play the COMPAREX Holiday video on your smartphone or tablet. In order to see the three-dimensional hologram, you must put the short end (1 cm) of your hologram projector against the screen of your smartphone. The side pointing up should be 6 cm wide and in the shape of a diamond. Now look at the hologram projector from the side, and you’ll see a surprise.

Watch our Season's Greetings in 3D

Tipp:The hologram is more visible in darker rooms.

Tutorial Video

Instead of reading this article you can watch this short video with all instructions. It also shows the final outcome.

Watch the tutorial video on Youtube

3D Holiday Greetings

Use your new hologram projector to watch our Holiday Greetings in 3D.

Watch the greetings video on Youtube

Leipzig, 12/19/2017


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