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Cyber Resilient

How to Improve Your Company's Cyber Resilience

Ransomware attacks such as WannaCry  and Petya  have shown that many companies display limited cyber-resilience. One of the key reasons for this vulnerability is that many companies are still unaware of exactly which software they are using. As a result, they lack insight into how secure various applications are, leaving them open to vulnerabilities. Time to take action!

A popular way many organizations try to get a grip on their software assets is by using inventory tools. Sorting this data by category and function can often take months, but this information provides valuable insights for consolidation or other cost-reducing actions.

Besides knowing what software is running (and whether it’s redundant or not), it is also essential to know its security level. When so many programs are running, it can be especially difficult to execute the flow of security patches, and to validate whether they have been installed successfully. A practical overview that helps determine which systems need attention to prevent any vulnerabilities, attacks and damages would be an invaluable resource in such cases. Immediately identifying if a patch was not installed successfully, and offering a fast response – say ‘hello’ to the COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform .

Overview with a single push of a button

Although it seems very complex and time-consuming in theory, it isn't in practice. The COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform provides a tailor-made overview with just a push of a button. This smart DNA analysis tool categorizes all the software within your organization – including patches – using the inventory tools you already own.

Furthermore, businesses can also benefit from the information we receive through our worldwide network of clients, and the strong relationships COMPAREX has with security solution providers.

Up-to-date overview of high-risk software

In addition to information about the latest security updates, the COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform  dashboard also provides reports about high-risk software being used within the organization. This could include games or programs like BitTorrent, but also seemingly less dangerous software such as Dropbox or OneDrive.

As long as they are business accounts, there is no problem. However, this changes when programs synchronize to personal accounts using business email addresses. If that person leaves the organization, the data is no longer accessible and this would formally constitute a data leak. This is why an up-to-date overview of such software – seemingly high-risk or not – is essential for security.

End-of-support software on the project calendar

Another risk that is often overlooked, is software that has reached its so-called "end-of-support". These software packages have the potential to make an organization vulnerable as there will no longer be any updates for them.

Emergencies occurring with software past its end-of-support can cause huge problems, especially when critical systems rely on it. When these older versions can no longer rely on updates and support from suppliers, it isn't just an inconvenience for the companies that paid for a maintenance contract.

To prevent these problems, the COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform  provides a complete overview of software that will no longer receive support in the near future, enabling a company to be proactive. As an example, the upgrade to a new edition can be scheduled on the project calendar. Anticipating the situation makes the risk more controllable, and potentially avoidable.

Clear dashboard

Unfortunately, the number of cyber-attacks are not decreasing. For this reason it is crucial that companies take all possible precautions. The COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform  offers full transparency of your software landscape and any security risks, all presented in one clear dashboard. As a result, digital resilience is further safeguarded at the highest possible level.

Opt for a Proof-of-Value now

Would you like a clearer understanding of your company’s current IT security level? Would you like to confirm that all your patches have been implemented successfully, and your software is still supported? In just three days, our experts can create a 360° analysis of your entire software landscape presented in a clear dashboard.

Leipzig, 08/22/2017


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